How to Charge Power Wheels Wild Thing




How to Charge Power Wheels Wild Thing

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Well, today’s topic is how to charge power wheels wild thing. If you bought a Power Wheels wild thing car for your child, you may be wondering how it can be charged. These Power Wheels cars are a fun and exciting toy for kids. (Read more about how to charge a toy car battery without charger)

Moreover, it is a safe and reliable electric powered vehicle for them. Power wheel battery charging is an essential concern for every parent. Because many of them do not know how to charge a Power Wheels Wild Thing. We will discuss in this article how to charge the battery of a Power Wheels Wild Thing car.

How to Charge Power Wheels Wild Thing

You can charge your Power Wheels Wild Thing in a few ways. But in this article, I will discuss how to easily charge Power Wheel Wild Thing with a charger. You can use this method to charge Power Wheels Wild Thing regularly.

When it comes to charging Power Wheels batteries, there are certain steps and additional tips that must be maintained. Let’s start without delay. To know extra info, learn about the How Long To Charge A 12v Power Wheels Battery.

Step 1

If you are charging your new power wheel wild thing for the first time, insert a thermal fuse into the battery. Because if you do not install this thermal Fuse in the battery then the battery will not charge. So be sure to install the Thermal Fuse on the battery before charging the battery.

Step 2

When you are recharging your wild thing battery, make sure that the thermal fuse already installed in the battery is in good condition. To check if your fuse is in good condition, remove it from the battery and shake it gently. If it shakes after shaking, then this is damaged. You will need to purchase a new Thermal Fuse and replace the damaged fuse.

Step 3

Unplug the wild thing battery ports attached to the vehicle before the power wheels start charging the battery. Now find the power wheel battery and its charging ports. Basically, most Power Wheels car batteries are located under their hood. Open the power wheel hood and find out where the battery charging ports are.

Step 4

After completing the third step, now attach the charger to the power wheel and charging jack. These jacks need to be connected very well, the connection can never be loosened. Typically, these charging jacks are located to the right of some familiar power wheel.

Now find a 120-volt electrical outlet near you. Then connect the charger to the electrical outlet. But you need to make sure that the power, voltage, and amperage of the electrical outlet match the label of your charger. This is a very important job. If you don’t, accidents can happen. However, your electrical outlet must be in a dry place, do not charge your power wheel in a wet place.

Step 5

There is nothing to do but wait until the charging process is complete. How long it takes for the power wheels battery to charge depends on how many volts the power wheels car is equipped with. However, a 12V power wheels battery takes about 15-18 hours to charge. On the other hand, a 24V and 16V power wheels battery also takes the same time.

Besides, if you are charging the toy car battery for the first time, it will take a relatively long time to charge. A power wheel 12V, 16V, and 24 volt battery lasts about 15-16 hours from the first charge. Your Power Wheels battery charger will have a charging process indicator. Keep an eye on this indicator, as it will indicate when your power wheel battery is fully charged. Once the battery charging process is complete, unplug everything.

Note: Power wheels turn off the ignition when you charge the battery. You should always be aware of this because it is the most basic and essential thing to consider before charging a power wheel battery. To get more details, you can simply follow this guide How Do You Charge A Power Wheels Battery.

How Do You Know if the Battery is Charging?

Many parents are worried about whether their power wheels are being charged or not. So how do you know if your power wheels are being charged or not? It doesn’t cause so much anxiety. This is because most power wheels batteries have an LED light, which indicates whether or not your battery is being charged.

When you plug the car battery charger into an electric outlet, make sure that the battery’s LED light is on. If the battery has this LED light on, it means your power wheels are charging the battery. Otherwise, the battery is not charging. Moreover, some Power Wheels battery chargers have this LED, which will help you to know whether the battery is being charged or not.

If the LED lights on your Power Wheels battery are not turned on, it is usually due to the following reasons:

  1. There may be a problem with the battery.
  2. The battery did not connect properly to the charger.
  3. The wall outlet is not working properly.

If there is no problem, the LED light will turn on without any problem. Besides, if you notice that the battery’s LED light is not on, fix the problem by plugging the battery into a different outlet. When all goes well make sure the charger is properly connected to the battery. To know extra info, learn about the How Fast Are Power Wheels.

Final thoughts

A Power Wheels car comes with a rechargeable battery that allows your child to have endless fun. Each Power Wheels model is slightly different, but all have the same reliable and secure battery charging experience. However, be sure to read the manual before charging your Power Wheels Wild Thing.

Even, to keep the life of the power wheels battery, charge it till the specified time. Also, be sure to properly maintain your Power Wheels battery and follow the instructions when charging. We hope you have found out through this article how to charge a Power Wheels Wild Thing.

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