How To Charge Power Wheels Dune Racer




How To Charge Power Wheels Dune Racer

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Are you curious to know how to charge power wheels Dune Racer, you have arrives at the right place. In this blog post, we are going to share with you an appropriate charging formula so that you can easily charge your Dune Racer power wheel at home.

Recently, power wheels come with impressive quality and real automobile features. Among them, Dune Racer is a very popular toy car manufacturer. The gorgeous looking of these ride-on cars easily attracts the kids. Even parents like to buy their children as gifts. Basically, the main reason behind the growing popularity of these riding cars is their design quality and build the structure.

Sadly, despite being a smart and decent ride-on toy car, the Guardians are often unaware of its charging. As a result, long-term service is not available from them. Because their charging method may not be correct. Today we will let you know through this article how to charge a Dune Racer car. So keep reading to know the proper charging process of a Dyne Racer power wheel.

Find How To Charge Power Wheels Dune Racer

Knowing how to charge power wheels Dune Racer can be a bit tricky but no worries. We will show you in detail your Dune Racer power wheel charging process in a simple way that will enable you to charge very easily. For this, first, you need to follow some simple steps. With those steps, you can charge your own power wheel. Those steps are mentioned below.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do to charge the Dune Racer power wheel is to collect a compatible charger. It is best to use the charger that comes with your power wheel model. If for some reason, that charger is not instantaneous or damaged, you can use a smart charger. But in this case, you need to keep in mind some important tips.

When you choose a smart charger, be sure to match the battery’s charger power, voltage, and chemistry levels. Because the wrong charger will never allow the battery to charge properly. To determine the amount of voltage of your power wheel battery in advance and collect the new charger accordingly. Once the charger is collected, proceed to the next step.

Step 2

Once the charger is collected, locate the charging port or jack in the vehicle. Because you have to add the charger in that charging jack. Usually, the charging jack is located under the hood of most power wheels. However, this is not always the case. If for some reason you do not find the charging jack, use the manual. Once you get the charging jack, attach the charger there.

Step 3

All you have to do at this stage is to find a wall outlet nearby. However, never think of using a charging source without an outlet or a multi-plug. This can lead to events like a spark. So find a safe electric source in your home or garage. After finding the electric source, connect the charger there.

Step 4

Once you have connected the power wheel charger to the electric source, you have nothing to do with it. Now all you have to do is wait until the full charge. How long it takes for your power wheel to charge depends on the model. This means 12 to 14 hours is ideal if your power wheel is 12 volts.

When your power wheel charge is complete, remove the charger from the power source. Similarly, detach the charger connector from the charging jack. Now it is ready to give your child riding fun. If you want to get more details, learn about How Do You Charge A Power Wheels Battery.

How Long Does the Power Wheels Dune Racer Last

In general, the Dune Racer power wheels are well known for outside rides. Because they can move smoothly on any type of muddy, hilly, and uneven terrain. Older children prefer this vehicle. Because their battery power is relatively high. So it takes a bit more time to get charged. But that doesn’t mean you have to charge overnight. Generally, these ride-on toy cars do not take more than 14 hours to fully charge. However, this time depends on the amp and quality of the battery.

You may be surprised to hear that Dune Racer brand cars are capable of delivering approximately two to three hours of raid sessions. So that kids can enjoy longtime riding. Moreover, these cars have the facility to add extra batteries. There is no doubt that when extra batteries are added, its speed will be doubled. If you are interested in getting faster your toy car, you can follow these amazing tips How Do You Make A Power Wheels Go Faster.

Which Charger will be Compatible with Dune Racer Power Wheel?

The best charger for the Dune Racer car is the charger provided by the company. Now, if for some reason that charger stops working, you can use a smart charger as an alternative. However, when using a smart charger, you need to be aware of some simple things. Such as whether the power and voltage of the charger are compatible with the battery.

Because if there is no voltage adjustment between the charger and the battery, it is harmful to both the charger and the battery. However, three types of chargers are usually the most preferable for the power wheel. Those three chargers are respectively 6v-1amp. 12v-1amp and 6v-350amp.

How to Speedy Dune Racer Power Wheel

Battery replacement is the best way to make Dune Racer cars faster. Typically, due to the recurring power wheel of a battery, its power receiving capacity gradually decreases. As a result, ride sessions are reduced. When the ride session is reduced, its performance will also be affected. When you feel that the performance of the power wheel is not satisfactory, we recommend you quickly replace a new battery.

Then the speed of the power wheel will increase many times more than before. You may even want to adjust the battery to a new one with the original one. Then your child’s power wheel will be twice as fast. You can follow this guide to get an idea of ​​how to replace the battery- How To Change Power Wheels Battery


As you can see that charging the Dune Racer power wheel is quite easy. All you have to do is be careful not to overcharge while charging. Because overcharging allows reducing battery performance. Hopefully, you will find this article useful.

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