How to Charge a Fisher Price Power Wheels Battery




How to Charge a Fisher Price Power Wheels Battery

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Are you searching for how to charge a fisher price power wheels battery? You have come to the right place. In the following part of this article, we are going to describe the correct way to charge a Fisher-Price battery. Also, we will discuss the advantages of Fisher-Price batteries.

There are various types of power wheel batteries available in the market. Fisher-Price is one of them. This battery is compatible with all 12 volt power wheels. At some point, the power wheel’s battery may need to be replaced. In that case, you can choose Fisher Price Battery. For more details on the Fisher-Price battery charging process, keep reading the following part of the article.

How to Charge a Fisher Price Power Wheels Battery

If you are a Fisher-Price battery used for the first time, it is very important to charge it initially for 18 hours. Some parents do not give it much priority. But the initial charge serves as a prelude to the long-term service of the battery. One thing to keep in mind is that there is no separate charger with this battery. But it comes with an adapter that you can use if needed.

Follow the steps below to charge the Fisher-Price battery:

  • Since no charger comes with this product, you need to connect it to the power wheel charger.
  • Now plug the charger into the battery socket.
  • Connect the charger to the standard power source. Avoid connecting the charger to an old or faulty power source. For this, it would be best to have a wall outlet
  • Recharge at least 14 hours each time after using the vehicle. Never charge more than 30 hours.
  • When the battery charge is complete, remove the charger from the power socket. Now it is ready to install inside the power wheel.

For additional info, consider this guide- best choice jeep upgrades.

Alternative Ways to Charge a Fisher Price Battery

Fisher-Price battery has an alternative way to charge without a charger. They are as follows:

By Car Battery

With a car battery, you can easily charge a Fisher-Price battery. This requires a few necessary tools such as an alligator clamp, a screwdriver, a multi voltmeter, a power plug. Since there is already an adapter with the battery, you don’t need a new one. To charge Fisher-Price with a car battery, you need to make sure it has enough juice first.

On average, a car battery can hold a charge of 15 to 20 volts. So charging the Fischer Price battery will not be a problem. The processes are given below.

  • First, connect the positive terminal of the car battery to the positive terminal of Fisher-Price.
  • Apply the previous process to the negative terminal as well.
  • Now check through the two prolongs of the voltmeter to see if the power is connected.
  • If you see the current meter moving or showing the amount of current then your connection is successful. Now give it enough time to charge.
  • Be sure to monitor once every hour. By doing this, any kind of problem can be easily avoided.

Through Direct Plug

Another effective way to charge a Fisher-Price battery is to connect it directly to an electric power port. In the beginning, choose a suitable electrical outlet location. Make sure the place is not overcrowded or inaccessible to your child. In this regard, flat surfaces such as countertops may be a better option. Now you have to plug the alligator clamps with the power cord.

However, attach the positive alligator clamps to the positive terminal of the battery. In the same way, repeat the previous process for the negative terminal. Now you know what to do. Yes, we are talking about testing the power connection with the help of a voltmeter. By doing this, it is possible to know whether the current is active or flowing. Also, using a voltmeter can protect the battery from overcharging.

Once the power lead price battery is fully charged, disconnect. Another important thing to keep in mind. With direct plugging, the battery gets charged faster. For this, it is advisable to check the charging condition frequently. For more details, check How Do You Charge a Power Wheels Battery.

Using a Portable Battery Jump Starter

Some are familiar with this term and some are not. A portable battery jump starter allows you to comfortably load the Fisher-Price battery charge. This term refers to jump-start cars whose charge is lower in the cold season. The biggest advantage is that they are portable.

On the other hand, they come with an alligator clamp that allows the Fisher-Price battery to charge instantly. If you want to charge Fisher-Price through Jump Starter, first you have to take it to full charge. In fact, you might compare it to a power banker. After all, when it comes to outdoor riding, carrying this type of device can be a daunting task.

Advantages of Fisher Price Battery

Now many may wonder why choose Fisher Price battery, why not any other battery. The main reason is that it has some great advantages. Fisher-Price Lithium Iron Phosphate Base Battery. It promises high energy density and long cycle life. So this battery guarantees to let your child ride the power wheel with better safety. Other advantages of this battery are:

  • Compatible with all 12 volt power wheels. This advantage is very low in other batteries.
  • This battery connector is easily adjusted with all power vehicles.
  • Built-in BMS protection to prevent overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, or short circuit.
  • Lightweight and portable as well.
  • Comes with 2000+ cycles.

For these reasons, Fisher-Price batteries are safe and durable. To know better details, check Best Drill Battery for Power Wheels.


So far, you have seen the advantages of the Fisher-Price battery and the process of using it. Do not install the Fisher-Price battery in other models instead of 12 volt model. This warning will help you ensure maximum use of the battery.


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