How Do You Charge Power Wheels Battery




How Do You Charge Power Wheels Battery

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Recently rechargeable power wheels cars are the most popular cars all over the world. Because kids love to spend their free time with their favorite power wheels. Any power wheels need the energy to work, be it electrical or mechanical. Nowadays, these cars are becoming more and more popular due to the rechargeable battery system. The battery system allows you to charge the battery frequently. But at times, your battery charger may not work. Then you need to find another new way to charge the battery. So how do you charge a power wheels battery?

There are many ways to charge the battery of these power wheels without a charger. In this article, we will discuss some of the important alternative ways. So, read the whole article carefully to know about the different processes of charging power wheels. Do you want to know How Long Should Power Wheels Battery Last. To read this guideline click on the link.

How Do You Charge Power Wheels Battery

There are many ways to charge a power wheel battery without a charger, which many parents do not know. This is an essential concern for many parents who have purchased one for their children. So, how do you charge the power wheels battery? This guide is for those who do not know how to charge the battery in other ways. Let’s dive into the details. Do you know How Long Will Power Wheels Battery Last? If you don’t know then click on the link.

Method 1: By Car Battery

If you have a car, you can easily recharge the power wheels without using a charger. However, for this, you will need some necessary tools like a multi voltmeter, Alligator clamps, a screwdriver, power plugs, and a compatible adapter, etc. However, before you start charging the power wheel, make sure that your car battery has enough juice.

Roughly all power wheel batteries are 8 or 12 volts. On the other hand, a car battery is capable of conducting 15 volts. That’s why the easiest way is to charge the power wheel with the car battery. In addition, you need to use the alligator clamp to charge the power wheel with the battery. The process of charging the power wheel with the battery is mentioned below.

  • In the beginning, connect the positive wheels of your car battery to the positive terminals of the power wheels battery.
  • Then same way, repeat the previous process for the negative terminal to complete the circuit.
  • Now, connect the pin of the voltmeter to the battery of the power wheel and see if the current is flowing.
  • If you see the current meter running. Then you can be sure that the current is flowing from the car battery to the power wheel battery. That means your Power Wheels car battery is being charged.
  • After that, you need to check the voltage every hour to avoid overcharging. Typically, when a 12-volt battery is fully charged, the voltage on the voltmeter shows higher. And your battery is likely to overheat. If so then unplug the battery connection.

Method 2: By a Portable Battery Jump-starter

If your Power Wheels car battery charger is damaged, you can use the jump starter to charge. Generally, portable battery jump starters are meant for cars that are less charged in the cold season. You can choose a portable battery jump starter to charge your Power Wheels car battery in the cold season. Especially if the power wheels car charger is damaged. Because most jump starters are portable. Even, they come with an alligator clamp that allows toy cars to be charged in any situation.

However, if you want to use a continuous portable battery jump-start, you must charge it. Some portable battery jump starters pack a punch. Typically, they can efficiently recharge 6V and 12V power wheels. So, for kids’ outdoor riding, it would be wise to carry a portable jump starter. Which will give you an extra charge.

Method 3: With a Direct plug

Another way is to charge the power wheels battery directly from the electric power port. First, you need to select a suitable electrical point location. Remember, that place should not be too much traffic or access to your child. You can choose alligator clamps to attach the battery to the power cord. Now attach the positive alligator clamps to the positive terminal of the battery. And similarly, in the case of negative terminals, the same process has to be repeated.

Check with a voltmeter whether the current is active or flowing. The main reason for using it is that it is able to avoid incidents like extra charge or deep charging. When your power wheel battery is fully charged, disconnect from the electrical point. At the same time, disconnect the negative joint and then the positive joint. In this process, your power wheel’s battery gets charged very fast. So you must keep an eye on the power wheel battery while charging.

Method 4: Solar Panel Technology

At present, solar panel technology has taken the need for electricity a long way. There are currently some solar panels that allow you to charge the power wheel. And it plays an equally effective role as electricity. Most solar panel technologies have an electrical converter that can be inserted into a plug. There are even separate electrical ports for charging electronics. Through which you can charge your power wheels battery.

Moreover, solar energy has the advantage of being plugged directly into an electric port. You just need to use an alligator clamp to connect directly to the electrical port. Then the current flowing through the voltmeter should be tested as in the previous procedure. If you see the current flowing properly, then you have to understand that the charge is flowing properly. Be sure to check the battery frequently to avoid overcharging.


In the above discussion, we have discussed various effective ways to charge the power wheels battery. You realize that you don’t always need a charger to charge the battery. If necessary, you can apply any one of the above alternative methods. But keep in mind that prolonged use of alternative charging methods can lead to deterioration of your battery. We hope that you find out in this article how to charge your Power Wheels battery. Are you looking for best power wheels for 5-10 year olds? Then check it out.

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