Can You Put A Remote Control On Power Wheels




Can You Put A Remote Control On Power Wheels

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These power wheels are very popular with kids of all ages. They want to enjoy their drive with it and run fast. So many parents are worried about the speed of their child’s car. If your child’s power wheels don’t have a control remote, don’t worry. You can easily add your child’s power wheels to a remote control system.

Can you put a remote control on power wheels? This article is for those who are looking for the answer to this question. In this article, we will discuss how you can create a power wheel remote control. Even, how to change different things of power wheels. Are you looking for best ride on cars big 2 seater 12v? Then check out this guideline

Can You Put A Remote Control On Power Wheels

Using your power wheels for long periods of time can cause its remote control system to malfunction. Or, if you want to add a new remote control system to the power wheels then this article is for you. To add a remote control system to your power wheels you need to follow some steps. You can upgrade, modify, or replace the remote control system on your power wheels with the following steps. So let’s get started without delay.

You will need some tools to install the remote control system. Such as:

  1. Drill
  2. Electrical tape
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Hand saw

All of the above hardware and software should be collected in advance to complete the whole process smoothly. However, it would be better to buy several wires with these, as you may need wires when converting. If you want to know how long does A power wheels battery need to charge? Click on the link and read this guideline.

Method 1: Prepare Your Power wheels

You need to clean the power wheels well before converting, as there is often a lot of dirt under the hood. If you want to install the remote control yourself without anyone’s help, you need to know in advance where the power wheels remote control should be installed. You can clean the car before conversion to find dirt under the hood during conversion.

It is best if you are familiar with the workings of your power wheels so that you know which parts to install. Usually, you need to install it in the dashboard and battery area of ​​the power wheels. But first, you have to remove some parts of the car because for them you can’t access the Rutter area. To fix the car seat, grill and windshield first.

Method 2: Remove the Extra Parts

If you are the first to add a remote control system, keep a skilled one with you. Or take a picture of the wires of the remote control parts of other power wheels. So you can easily install the new system. Flip the car to get easy access to the paddle tab. Even, tap the four tabs to remove the gas pedal from the toy car.

Now, clean any attachment wires around the paddle area and cut off any excess plastic around it. But it is best if the paddle area is perfectly clean. Now take out the remaining plastic parts. Wrapping up all the electrical components of the car ensures that it cannot be run anymore. But you have to make sure that no electricity is flowing in the unwanted parts and make sure that no wires are hanging.

Method 3: Install the Control System

Now it’s time to connect the new remote control system to your power wheels. Even then, the system manual should be kept close to you. Add your control system by following the below steps:

  • First, connect the power switch to the power button.
  • Now attach the forward / back / stop switch to the foot paddle.
  • This time, attach the high/low-speed switch to the dashboard.
  • Then, connect the music and light interface to the dashboard.
  • Also, attach the steering switch to the motor.
  • After all, connect the power terminals to the battery.

Method 4: Connect to the Receiver

Now you need to connect your control system to the receiver. Usually, the receivers are small. So you need to use electrical tape to connect the receiver to the dashboard. Most servo has two-channel ports. To find out which channel you will connect the receiver to, you need to read the user manual. Now connect the connector to the receiver on the appropriate channel and check if it is working properly.

If your remote doesn’t work, check to see if there is a loose connector or if you are making a mistake. Even, make sure that the power circuit is complete, the remote will not work if it is incomplete. If the remote still does not work properly, it is best to follow the installation instructions. Re-check the whole work step by step and match your work with the picture you took.

Method 5: Test Drive

After finishing all your work your car needs a test drive. You need to know if the Power Wheels Remote Control is working properly. For that, you should be given a test drive around your home compound. You can do an experimental drive before you initially reinstall the parts removed from the car.

Also, give a test drive with a baby if possible. Because you should know if it still performs with excess weight. During the test drive of the car, pay close attention to whether there is any new problem. If a problem is caught, fix it. Otherwise, your power wheels are now fully prepared for the new ride.


Hopefully, now you know exactly how to convert a power wheel to a remote control system. We hope that you can install a remote control system on your child’s power wheels. Moreover, this remote control is very important for the safety of your child and it keeps you worry-free. Now your kids are ready for a safe trip with these power wheels. Do you want to know which is the best power wheels for off road? Then click on the link and read the whole guideline.

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