Can You Put a 24 Volt Battery in a Power Wheels




Can You Put A 24 Volt Battery In A Power Wheels

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Can you put a 24 volt battery in a power wheels? This article is for those who want to know the answer to this question. In this article, we will discuss how to add a 24V battery to increase the power of a power wheels car.

Well, yes you can put a 24-volt battery in a power wheel. If you want to increase the speed and power of your power wheel, you can upgrade it with a 24V battery. Besides, if your old power wheels are 12V, you can add a 24V battery to them. However, many people add two 12V batteries to convert a 24V battery, never making such a mistake.

Can You Put a 24 Volt Battery in a Power Wheels

Typically, power wheels are equipped with 3 types of batteries in cars such as 8V, 12V, 24V. The best of these 3 types of batteries is the 24V battery. Converting Power Wheels to a 24V battery is a very simple task. If your child’s toy car is 12V, you can convert it to a 24

V battery to increase its speed. Also, when you convert the Power Wheels car to a 24V battery, it can give your child more power to drive through wet grass or uneven terrain. Even, it can go faster than other power wheels. Moreover, if the battery is converted to 24V, your child will be able to enjoy his ride for a long time with it. Because the 24v battery gives more run time compared to other batteries.

If this is the first time you have converted a battery, you need to be patient. Besides, you don’t know how to do it, you can watch a video and convert it. If you are trying to convert for the first time, you have to be patient. You can find a standard video and watch it while converting for your little one.

How Do You Put a 24V Battery in the Power Wheels?

Below we will discuss how to put a battery in the power wheels. Are you looking for best power wheels for grass and hills? Click on this link and find the best power wheels for your big child.

Check the Size of the Battery and Brand

When you go to change the power wheels battery, you will find two types of batteries with green or red top. You will not be able to use anyone battery in your Power Wheels car if you want. This color is a kind of code, you must specify the battery color code. It’s good to know that, Green-colored batteries will not work with red-coded power wheels, and even vice versa.

However, always check that your car has its own brand of a replacement battery. Because the possibility of compatibility between batteries purchased from the manufacturer and a ride-on car increases. Another aspect you need to consider is the size of the battery. Almost all batteries have a sticker and the size of the battery.

So, first, you have to measure the space under the hood of your car and you have to buy the battery according to that map. If you buy a large battery, it will not fit well with the car. Once the battery is not working properly, it can move, even while driving. Which is not safe for your child, they may be involved in an accident. Want to know How Long Does It Take For A Power Wheels Battery To Charge? Click on this link and read the guideline.

Select the Motor Capacity

A power wheel car battery fuels the motor and a toy car. Most power wheels come with a 12-volt engine, which cannot withstand the power of a 24-volt battery.

When you upgrade the motor power to 24 volts, it becomes more powerful. So it would be best to buy a 24-volt motor for your Power Wheels car.

Change the Fuse

The fuse of the power wheels ensures that there is no excessive voltage transmitted in the circuit. So, when you convert the car to 24V, it is a bad idea to keep those old 12V fuses.

You must buy a 20 amp fuse for a 24-volt toy car. You can buy this fuse from the electronic shop next to your house. These fuses will conduct current to the vehicle, which will be produced to fuel a 24-volt battery ride-on vehicle.

Change Gearbox

You must buy a 24-volt battery and a new gearbox compatible with the motor. Typically a 12V battery car gearbox can run at a maximum speed of 5MPH. But 24V power wheels can go up to 6MPH, so you have to buy a new gearbox to keep up with this speed.


When you convert your child’s car to 24V, it will run much faster. So it is always important to consider security. Check that the car seat belt is adequate for your child. If not, you may need to upgrade your seat belt. Are you interested to know How Long Will Power Wheels Battery Last? Check it out.

How to Do the Conversion

You will need tools like screwdrivers, pliers, and some duct tape to replace the car battery. Upgrade old wires in Power Wheels with new wires. This should be done very carefully, never connecting one cable to another. Also, be sure to replace the fuses with 20 amps. Now it’s time to add your 24V battery to your car. Hold the battery, flip the car and replace the battery.

Now remove the old gearbox and replace it with a new one. If you do not replace the gearbox with the battery, then you may be at risk of being shorted out. Remember, you will need a switch as soon as you change the gearbox. Once everything is attached to the car, now you check the car to make sure everything is OK. You can take a test drive with the car and check everything thoroughly.


The above steps need to be taken correctly when replacing a 24V battery in a power wheel. We hope that by reading this article you have learned how to put a power wheel 24V battery.

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