Can I Use A Car Charger To Charge A Power Wheels Battery




Can I Use A Car Charger To Charge A Power Wheels Battery

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Can i use a car charger to charge a power wheels battery? This article is for those who are looking for the answer to this question. In this article, we will discuss how you can change your child’s power wheels battery using a car charger. (Read our latest article about how to charge a toy car battery without charger)

One of the first choices of young children or adult children is the power wheels car. They want to cherish their childhood by riding in this ride-on car. However, when children play with these power wheels, the vehicles often run out of power after a certain time.

Unfortunately, many have lost their power wheel’s battery charger. Then they find alternative ways to charge the power wheels battery. Fortunately, there are many ways to charge your Power Wheels battery. If you have a car, you can use it to charge your power wheels battery.

How to Charge A Power Wheels Battery With Your Car Charger?

Kids are good at losing things, they lose more of their toys. Using a car charger to recharge the battery of the Power Wheels toy car is an alternative way for you. Before connecting the Power Wheels battery to your car battery, you need to check that your Power Wheels battery has the correct voltage.

Typically, older Power Wheels cars come with a 6v battery and now newer models come with a 12v battery. With your car charger, you can’t charge more than 15 volts. Otherwise, it will burn out. Most of the car batteries you will find now are within the acceptable 15-volt range. But many of them go above 14.6 volts even when the battery engine is running.

Although the average output is usually between 10 and 14A. Identify the positive and negative connections before charging your child’s power wheels. If you find them, connect them. For now, your work is over. Check if your toy car battery is charging. Charging the power wheels battery with your car charger is quite a simple task. You can use a 2A trickle charger if the charger gets hot. If you are looking for best ride on cars for 7 year old? Read the whole guideline by clicking on the link.

How to Charge Your Power Wheels Battery in Alternatives Way?

Follow the below steps to charge your power wheels battery in alternatives way. To know details about How Long Does It Take For A Power Wheels Battery To Charge? Then click on the link.

DIY a Replacement Charger

If you are willing to DIY a charger for your child’s Power Wheels car. Then the following tools will be required for the power wheels battery.

  1. Laptop charger
  2. Wire cutter
  3. A screwdriver
  4. Two alligator clips
  5. DC to DC step down converter
  6. Multi-meter

Follow the below steps to charge your Power Wheels battery with a DIY replacement charger:

  • First, cut the adapter jack. Then remove the outer sheath with a wire cutter. Now, connect the laptop charger to the power wheels battery.
  • Next, connect the step-down converter. After removing the outer shell of the wire you will see two wires – one red and one black. The red wire must be connected to the positive connection (IN +) of the step-down converter module. Also, the black wire must be placed in the negative connection (IN-).
  • Attach the red alligator clip to the positive. Then, clap the black clip with the negative.
  • Now, plug the adapter into a power source. Attach alligator clips to the multi-meter. Note that the red wire of the alligator is positive and the black wire is negative.
  • Set the voltage of your multi-meter correctly. Turn the voltage potentiometer to 14 volts with your screwdriver.
  • Adjust the multi-meter until it registers 2 amps or more.

How to Charge Your Power Wheels Battery Directly to a Power Source?

You can charge your power wheels battery directly through the power source. If you need to limit the current while charging the battery from the power source, you can. Because not all batteries can be charged directly from the power source. When charging the battery from the power source, the power supply should not exceed 6V, 2A, and 12V, 2A respectively.

So finding the charge voltage of the power source is your first step. You need to set the required voltage and your current limit to charge the battery. If the power wheels battery can withstand your set current. However, you can add a resistor to reduce the current.  Do you want to know How To Charge A Power Wheels? Click on this link.

Some Safety Tips for You

There are some safety precautions you can take when charging your Power Wheels battery. You must follow these safety tips to avoid a major accident. Below we are given some safety tips, let’s take a look without delay:

  1. Read the guidelines carefully before giving your child a Power Wheels car. Even, you should read the guidelines before charging the Power Wheels, maintaining, storing, or buying backups for batteries.
  2. Before charging the battery, check to see if there are any cracks in the battery. Because the battery contains sulfuric acid. If this acid leaks while charging, it can lead to many accidents. Therefore, the battery cover should be carefully inspected before charging the battery
  3. Be sure to wear power-resistant gloves when trying any of the Power Wheels battery charging techniques. It is very important to wear-resistant gloves, this will protect you from electric shock.
  4. Never short-circuit the battery supply terminal. After all, this way your battery will not be charged. Rather, your power wheels battery may explode badly.
  5. Remember, do not leave Power Wheels toys outside in the rain. Your battery will work while wet, but there is always the possibility that your power wheels will stop working.
  6. Never overcharge your Power Wheels battery for more than 30 hours. Excessive charging of the battery over a long period reduces the life of the battery. So it is important to charge for a certain period to keep the battery in perfect condition.


If you do not have a charger to charge the power wheels, you can use this option to charge your car battery. While charging the battery, try to follow the safety tips which are given above. Hopefully, with this article, you will be able to charge the power wheels battery with your car charger.

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