How To Make Grave Digger Power Wheels Faster




How To Make Grave Digger Power Wheels Faster

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Learn- How To Make Grave Digger Power Wheels Faster

Well, we’ll learn today- how to make grave digger power wheels faster. Grave Digger wheels already have a decent speed and other exquisite features. But, toddlers and their parents often want to increase the speed of their favorite ride-on cars. For that purpose, we’ve come up with this blog post.

The fact that these cool little rides are slow is a common complaint. The stock motors only spin at 14,000 RPM at 24V. So, swapping them out for Traxxas 5675 motors will give you a significant speed improvement. After this modification, expect the speed to improve.

This is a rather straightforward task. The rear wheels and axle will be removed, the gearboxes will be removed, the new motors will be installed. And, the rear axle/gearboxes/wheels will be reassembled. Because these motors take a lot more power at beginning, you’ll also need to replace the fuse and the self-resetting breaker to 40a.

Tools Requirement

Required Materials

  • 2x Traxxas 5675-775 series 10.8v motors
  • 2x 5mm-shaft 13-tooth 32-pitch Pinions
  • Cartridge Fuse 40a – (might want to get a spare or two, but your local auto parts store should have them)
  • Circuit Breaker with Self-Resetting Capacity of 40A
  • Various Crimp Connectors – (if you don’t already have a bunch, a kit like this is handy)


  • Sockets (1/2″)
  • Hex key 2mm
  • Drill or Philips screwdriver
  • Crimping Instrument
  • Strippers and cutters of wire

Steps to Increase Speed- Grave Digger Power Wheels

Remove the Rear Wheels/Axle/Gearboxes

Lift the vehicle’s rear end with jack stands, a milk crate, or whatever you have on hand that can sustain 100 pounds or more. Remove each wheel’s 1/2″ nut by unscrewing it. Remove the wheels and tap the axle out of the raceway. Then, Disconnect the cables that run to each motor from under the seat. It’s just a set of click-fittings.

Two philips screws secure the gearboxes to the frame. Remove these and the gearboxes will come off the vehicle. While you have the boxes off, go around the hole in the body. It’s where the green conduit conducts the wiring to under the seat with a round file.

The factory holes are fairly tight around the conduit, but a little wiggle room will help them slide if you improve the springs later. How to Charge Power Wheels 6 Volt Battery.

Remove the Motors and Disassemble the Gearbox Covers

The two sides of the gearbox cover are held together by six philips screws. If you take them out, the gearbox will fall out of the cover. It might also be beneficial to remove the three screws that hold the green conduit piece in place.

The motor is secured in the gearbox by two philips screws. Remove them, and the motor will come out easily.

Connect New Pinions to Motor Wiring

Ment bullet connectors are included. Cut the stock motor’s harnesses and crimp a female bullet connection onto the cut end. Sockets for the new motors The new motors have multiple plugs for r/c, so shrink wrap or attach the second line to nothing. How To Make A Power Wheels 24 Volt.

Verify the new pinions’ pitch and tooth count against the stock pinions. (I’m sure a 14t or 15t pinion would raise top speed even further.) The pinions simply slide onto the new motor’s shaft and are set screwed. To keep them from falling loose while driving, I use blue loctite threadlocker.

Install the new motor into the gearbox using the two stock screws. Test the motor by spinning the wheel adapter on the gearbox. If it still won’t turn, check the depth of the pinion on the shaft against the gear inside the box. Reassemble the back axle, gearboxes, and wheels as in step 1.

Fuse and Circuit Breaker Modification

Check the vehicle’s wiring and motor temperature for safety. Hard, flat ground with lighter kids use more electricity than grassy, mountainous yards. Heat exacerbates overheating. You must check your app to ensure your kids’ safety. To save electricity, it’s better to only allow one child per vehicle. Then alter your riding conditions.

These motors draw a lot more current than stock. They’ll blow the 30a fuse. The factory fuse holder is removed and a 40a cartridge fuse is added. Limit the current to 40a and don’t blow the fuse. The fuse protects your youngster. How to Check Power Wheels Battery.

Replace the auto-resetting circuit breaker. It’s under the car. The wire channel is covered by a plastic strip. Find and remove the breaker. Install the 40a breaker. Note the line (battery wire) and load (wires to motors/accessories) and connect them to the relevant breaker side. Replace the wire channel plastic cover.

Other Upgrades


Consider upgrading your batteries while doing this mod. It’s already a problem with stock motors, and these monster Traxxas motors make it worse. With the new motors, the stock battery will barely last 10 minutes.

It’s better to add two 20Ah batteries for a 30-minute ride. Better 22Ah batteries. But, if you already had one 20Ah, buy one more only


The factory shock springs are too stiff to work correctly. I’ve upgraded to softer springs for a more bouncy ride. MLToys has a set.

ESC- Electronic Speed Controller

It has variable throttle, a separate brake pedal, parental remote kill switch, gentle start, and the ability to safely increase voltage without harming your gears.

Issues with Speed and Other Upgrades

Inappropriate materials generate common complications. Using a battery that does not fulfill the manufacturer’s specs can be problematic.

Watch alert for power outages. Using too many motors at once creates this. It’s important to get a low-consumption motor, as high power output can shorten battery life.

Final Thoughts

Well, grave digger power wheels are attractive and has got powerful motor. But, who doesn’t love more speed? If you can follow the steps in this blog post properly, it can easily lead you to a speedier power wheels.

Installing an electronic speed controller is one of the best ways to improve speed on any power wheels. However, battery upgrade can also be another solution if you want speed improvement on your power wheels.

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