How To Make Fisher Price Power Wheels Faster




How To Make Fisher Price Power Wheels Faster

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Learn- How To Make Fisher Price Power Wheels Faster

Today, we’ll mainly learn- how to make fisher price power wheels faster. Speed and other excellent characteristics come standard on Fisher price wheels. Children and their caregivers frequently request that their favorite ride-on cars be given a boost in speed. This blog post was written to serve that aim.

From 12 months to 7 years old, youngsters can enjoy playing with Fisher-Price Power Wheels toys. However, for the most part, the recommended driving age for most automobiles is three years old. How To Make A Power Wheels Jeep Faster.

This is a rather simple undertaking. Motors will be placed in place of the gearboxes, and the wheels and axles will be removed. It will also be reassembled with the back axle, gearboxes, and wheels in mind. A 40A fuse and a self-resetting breaker are also necessary. It’s because these motors need greater power in the beginning.

Tools List

  • 10.8v motors
  • Shafts with a diameter of 5mm Pinions 13-tooth, 32-pitch
  • Cartridge The 40a fuse (might want to get a spare or two, but your local auto parts store should have them)
  • Crimp Connectors Kit with 40A Circuit Breaker (if you don’t already have many, a kit like this is convenient)

Other Necessary Supplies

  • Sockets, half-inch
  • Hex key 2mm in diameter
  • Philips screwdriver or drill
  • An Instrument for Crimping
  • Wire strippers and wire cutters.

Fisher Power Wheels: How to Increase Speed

Removing the Rear Wheels, Axle, and Gearbox

Jack stands, a milk box, or whatever you have on hand that can support 100 pounds or more can be used to lift the vehicle’s rear end. Remove the 1/2″ nut from each wheel by unscrewing it. Remove the wheels from the raceway and tap the axle out.

Then, from under the seat, disconnect the cables that run to each motor. It’s nothing more than a set of click-fittings. The gearboxes are secured to the frame with two philips screws. The gearboxes will come off the vehicle if you remove these.

While the boxes are off, go around the body and around the hole. It’s where the green conduit with a circular file conducts the wire to under the seat. How To Make 24v Power Wheels Faster.

Dismantle Motor from Gearbox

Remove the motors from the gearbox covers by dismantling them.

The gearbox cover is held in place by six phillips screws on each side. If you remove them, the gearbox will fall out of the cover. Removal of the screws that secure the green conduit section may also be beneficial.

The engine is held in place by two Phillips screws. The motor should simply come out when you remove them.

Pinion and Motor Wiring- Connection

Connectors for Ment bullets are provided. Crimp a female bullet connector onto the end of the stock motor’s harness. Motor sockets for the upcoming generation of engines. Shrink wrap or attach the second line to nothing with the new r/c motors’ numerous plugs. How to Build a Power Wheels 24 Volt System.

Compare the pitch and tooth count of the new pinions with those of the stock pinions. Adding a 14T or 15T pinion would significantly increase the car’s peak speed . In order to install the pinions, just slide them onto the new motor’s shaft and tighten them with the provided set screws.

Use the two stock screws to secure the new motor to the gearbox. You can see if your motor is working properly by spinning a wheel adapter attached to the gearbox. If the problem persists, measure the distance between the pinion on the shaft and the gear inside the box. Like step one, reassemble the rear axle, transmission, and wheels.

Modify- Fuse & Circuit Breaker

First, check the vehicle’s wiring and engine temperature. Grassy, mountainous yards consume less electricity than those with hard, level ground and lighter children. To conserve energy, it’s best to limit the number of children allowed in each vehicle to one. Then make adjustments to your riding setup.

More power is required to run these engines than stock. They’re going to blow the 30A fuses. A 40-amp cartridge fuse replaces the original factory-installed holder. Don’t blow the fuse by limiting the current to 40 amps. Your child is safe thanks to the fuse. Power Wheels Battery Check.

Manually reset the circuit breaker. Pull the plug at the breaker. Install the 40a breaker. Noting the line (battery wire) and load can connect motors/accessories (wires to the devices). Replace the wire channel plastic cover.

Other Ways to Make Fisher Price Faster

When making this mod, consider upgrading your battery pack. What makes things worse is that these huge Traxxas motors make the problem even worse. The factory battery will only last 10 minutes with the new motors.

For a 30-minute ride, two 20Ah batteries are preferable. Batteries with a 22Ah capacity are better. However, if you already own a 20Ah battery, only purchase one additional. How to Convert a 12 Volt Power Wheels to 24 Volt.


Shock springs supplied by the manufacturer are too stiff and don’t operate properly. A more bouncy ride is now possible thanks to the addition of softer springs.

Speed Controller, or ESC

Variable throttle, separate brake pedal, parental kill switch, gentle start, and the ability to safely increase voltage without hurting your gears are all part of the package.

Speed Issues and Other Upgrades

Complications are frequently caused by inappropriate materials. It can be problematic to use a battery that does not meet the manufacturer’s specifications.

Be on the lookout for power outages. This is caused by using too many motors at once. A low-consumption motor is essential since high power output might affect battery life.

Final Thoughts

Grave digger power wheels, on the other hand, are stylish and have a powerful motor. Who doesn’t want greater speed, though? If you follow the techniques in this blog post carefully, you should be able to achieve faster power wheels.

The installation of an electronic speed controller is one of the most efficient methods of increasing the speed of any power wheels on the market. If you want to boost the speed of your power wheels, you could consider upgrading your battery.

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