How To Convert Power Wheels To Dewalt Battery




How To Convert Power Wheels To Dewalt Battery

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Guide- How To Convert Power Wheels To Dewalt Battery

Well, today’s topic is on- how to convert power wheels to dewalt battery. The 18v or 20v battery and charger from a broken power tool can be used in the Power Wheels Dewalt battery conversion to save money. 

Power tool batteries that are 18V or 20V can be used again after the conversion. A battery pack for your child’s favorite Power Wheels toy car, truck, or jeep is what we do with it!

The Power Wheels Quick Disconnect for a 20v Lithium DeWalt Battery is the best Power Wheels Disconnect Kit. With an LED indication, it’s simple to operate and can enhance the speed of Power Wheels by 60%.

Convert your Power Wheels to Dewalt Battery

Products will be listed above if necessary. This task will necessitate the use of the following components and tools:

  • Wheels with Power 30 Amp Inline Fuse 
  • Lithium tool battery 
  • Battery Charger 
  • Velcro 
  • DeWalt/Hercules Battery Adapter
  • 6 or 12 Volt Parts

Look for the Original Battery

Your Power Wheels battery should be easy to locate. In the trunk, under the hood, or even under the passenger seat, it could be hiding somewhere.

Once you locate it, you’ll need to disconnect it from the car’s wire harness, and it may be held in place by a bar.

Modify the Drill Battery

Next, we’ll need to cut the two wires from the stock batteries to get the connector plug. Remember that you can no longer use the stock battery.

So we’ll use the factory battery connector plug and 3D print the DeWalt battery adapter. To begin, simply twist the wires together and use electrical tape to secure them.

You can crimp this later. The positive wires (red) should also be connected, but with a 30 amp inline fuse between them. The fuse will break if there is too much electricity going to your motor.

Drill Battery Connection

After we’ve completed the connections, it’s time to connect it all and test that it all works properly. A red and a black wire should be present. Ascertain that the fuse is positioned between them.

Velcro should be used to attach the charger adapter holder to the back of the car. Using an electrical speed controller kit is also a good idea because it allows you to manage the amount of power being delivered to the wheels while also enabling the child to enhance to higher power.

Put the Power Wheels to the test

After connecting the batteries, test the motors and the battery by depressing the gas pedal and seeing the rear wheels spin. You’ll notice a significant improvement right immediately when compared to factory batteries.

The lithium tool battery pack is also much lighter than the 12v or 6v battery you started with, improving the pace of the journey even more.

Complete the Task

If all goes well, the test will be a success, and it will work perfectly. Next, inspect the wires to ensure that they are secure. If you are proficient in this area, solder the wires together.

A multimeter can be used to check the voltage.

Close everything up and remember to tidy up and put everything back where it belongs, or you’ll end up like me, never being able to locate what you need.

Dewalt 20v Lithium Battery Quick Disconnect Kit

One of the easiest to use quick disconnect kits. The kit easily increases your child’s Power Wheel speed by 60%. No soldering or cutting wires, hence no voiding warranty. It’s easier to use and anyone may connect without technical knowledge.

Power Wheels are compatible with any 20v Lithium DeWalt battery, providing them maximum power and speed. It can also be used to upgrade a 12v Power Wheel.

The package includes a 40 Amp fuse to prevent current overloads that could damage the motor engine. Three extra fuses are included in case the existing one blows. How To Increase Power Wheels Speed.

When plugged in, this fast disconnect kit shows the battery level, which is useful if the Power Wheel doesn’t have one. The kit also includes two USB ports for charging other devices. The latter is optional but appreciated.

Safety When Converting Batteries

It is critical to protect children now that the toys have been supercharged. The new charged-up ride has the potential to fly and even flip over.

It is strongly advised to purchase at least helmets for children[Amazon Link] and to raise the lower age limit.

If you have an ESC, you can set the speed for each rider separately, but if you don’t, only allow the older children to ride in a safe and non-hazardous environment.

The Advantages of Converting to a Power Wheels Battery

It is not difficult to install a battery, and you do not need to be an expert; however, you will need a basic understanding of electrical work and how to operate a fuse. 

Because the default battery weighs roughly 10 pounds, the battery weight is significantly reduced, making the car even lighter. How To Improve Power Wheels Traction.

Lithium batteries charge significantly faster, and you may keep extra batteries on the charger while using one. The car will be so powerful that it will be able to do power slides when stopping.

Final Thoughts

This brings the conversation to a close. You saved money on 18v batteries, and the kids now have Power Wheels that are unbelievably fast. Making a Dewalt Battery Power Wheels Conversion is usually a smart option if you want to go faster than you already are.

This is a fantastic DIY idea for stock Power Wheels. However, keep in mind that this will cause your motors and gearboxes to wear out considerably faster. How To Convert Power Wheels To Lithium Battery.

You won’t be able to control the voltage traveling to the wheels if you don’t have an ESC kit. So, the vehicle will always be driving quickly.

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