How To Convert 6v To 12v Power Wheels




How To Convert 6v To 12v Power Wheels

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Learn How To Convert 6v To 12v Power Wheels

Well, we’re here to learn how to convert 6v to 12v Power wheels. But, is it easy to do so? Honestly, it’s easy because there’re various ways to do so. In our blog post, we’re not only going to learn to convert, but also talk about 6v and 12v batteries, in detail.

A 12-volt battery can be used with a 6-volt battery. To achieve the greatest results, you’ll need to make some changes to the wiring system. You also need to change the electronic components like the converter and motor.

It’s worth noting that if a Power Wheels car has a 6-volt battery, the majority of the electronic components are likely to be 6 volts as well. However, converting 6v to 12v is our main priority for now and we’ll show you ways to do so in the next section.

Using Dual Gearboxes to Convert 6v Power Wheels to 12v

Step1: Remove the stock wiring harness first. You’ll need to start by removing the stock wire harness.
Step 2: Put the replacement wiring harness to the test. A 12v wire harness from a donor BPRO will be required.
Step 3: Attach the 12 volt harness to the chassis. 2 more photos
Step 4: Modify the rear axle and install it.
Step 5: Complete the assembly.

Some Tips for Converting a Power Wheels Car from 6V to 12V

Motor Replacement

Replace the toy’s 6V motor with a 12V motor from an electronics store or online. Examine the wiring system as well. This is especially true if the system is missing a converter.

Replace or Add a Convertor

If your electric vehicle does not have a DC-DC converter, you will need to purchase one from a local electronics store or order one online. Check to see if the system already has one and if it is 12V. If not, you’ll have to replace it.

The most recommended solution is to buy a new converter with a higher current capacity for powering the 12V motor. Some DC-DC converters are capable of handling voltages as high as 28V.

As previously indicated, certain 6-volt DC-DC converters, on the other hand, operate properly with 12-volt batteries. Therefore, if you are unconcerned about the converter or the device in general, you may simply use the converter to determine if it works.

Consider the Power Wheels Requirements

Other components in the Voltage Wheels may be unable to withstand the 12-volt battery’s power. Certain components may require replacement or upgrading using stronger materials.

Factors to Consider for Converting 6v to 12v Battery

The Motor Power Rating

A 12-volt battery should not be connected directly to a 6-volt motor. You’ll need a motor with a voltage of 12 volts. You’ll also need to alter the car’s wiring to operate on a 12-volt supply.

Is a DC-DC Converter Available?

The converter controls the current flow between the motor and the battery. A DC-DC converter connects the motor to the battery in most Power Wheels automobiles. A converter is not included with all Power Wheels.

Check to see whether you have one in your vehicle. If it’s not there, you’ll need to get a DC-DC converter as well. Whether you don’t want to buy these components online, ask your local auto parts store if they carry them.

You shouldn’t connect the 6-volt motor straight to the 12-volt battery because it will most likely burn out. Some 6V converters will function with a 12-volt battery just well. Some of them don’t. You could either take a chance and buy a new 12-volt converter, or you could take a chance and buy a new 12-volt converter.

A Battery’s Size

This may not seem important, but you also need to think about the battery’s size and weight. Unless you make your ride-on car into a drill, it will be bigger, so you may have to make some changes to its battery compartment to fit it.

Speed and Power

A 12-volt battery will almost certainly quadruple the power and top speed of a 6-volt toy. Is this something you’re interested in?

And, is this something your child needs, or is it just a toy they like playing with now and then? Is the car used only indoors, only outside, or both?

You may also add a second 6V battery to make your car run in parallel. This is fantastic, but it will require even more room because two cells are necessary. Before moving from a 6-volt to a 12-volt battery, all of these factors are must considerations.

A Comparison – 6V and 12V Power Wheels

Weight A higher voltage power has larger dimensions and weighs more. A 12-volt motor will be heavier and bulkier than a 6-volt motor. Fisher Price Power Wheels Battery How Long To Charge.


As previously stated, the higher the voltage, the more power they can produce and the faster the power wheel. In this case, a 12-volt ride-on vehicle can move faster than a 6-volt ride-on vehicle.

A 6v motor can travel at a maximum speed of two to three miles per hour, whereas a 12-volt motor can travel at a maximum speed of four to five miles per hour. Can I Put A Lawn Mower Battery In A Power Wheels.

Time to Charge

A 6-volt battery takes 10 hours to charge the first time and six hours to charge on a daily basis. A 12-volt battery, on the other hand, requires 18 hours of initial charging and 12 hours of regular use. How Long To Charge a 12v Power Wheels Battery.

It is critical to keep the battery upright for efficient charging. Furthermore, charging the battery insufficiently or excessively can harm it. It can diminish the power wheel’s operational duration and shorten the battery’s overall life.

Final Thoughts

So, we see that converting 6v to 12 v enhances the wheel’s power and speed, as well as the motor’s stress. To give the motor a lot of power, you can either hire a mechanic or do it yourself by connecting the two 6V battery wires.

However, there’re always factors to consider when you want to change the battery. We’ve tried and covered those factors in our blog post. Go through them before you start to convert the power wheels.

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