Can I Put A Lawn Mower Battery In A Power Wheels




Can I Put A Lawn Mower Battery In A Power Wheels

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Can i put a lawn mower battery in a power wheels? Yes, you can. You can easily install Lawn Mower Battery on your kid’s toy car. However, the voltage of the lawnmower should be compatible with your power wheel. Therefore, if your toy car is 8V, then the Lawn Mower Battery voltage should be higher. You don’t need a lot of technical knowledge to convert your power wheels into a lawn mower battery.

A lawn mower battery is an excellent alternative for a power wheel car battery. Moreover, its battery lasts longer than other batteries. Below we will discuss all the steps to install a Power Wheel Lawn Mower battery.

How to Install a Lawn Mower Battery into Power Wheels

Before you install your power wheels lawn mower battery you need to know a few things. In addition, you will need some tools for conversion. First, make sure you have those tools at your fingertips. Below we discuss how to install a lawn mower battery on a power wheel car. Are you looking for the best power wheels for older kids? Then click on the link and find the best power wheels for your older kids.

Deep Cycle Lawn Mower Battery

You cannot use a lawn mower battery on a power wheel. Because some people can’t meet the demand for toy cars. It is best if you have a deep bicycle lawn mower battery. It gives you a long lifespan and allows you to recharge hundreds of times. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Determination the Voltage

Before installing a lawn mower battery in a power wheel, make sure that its voltage is the same as that of a power wheel. That means, if the battery of your power wheels is 12V, then the battery of the lawn mower should also be 12V. The voltage of a battery in power wheels is vital, as it depends on the cable and motor for the power wheel.

However, never use a battery with too much voltage, it can cause errors for power wheels. Because the power wheels are equipped with only a 24-volt battery, they can be damaged by using more voltage. But, if you want to make the car more powerful then you can upgrade the motor of Power Wheels. To know How Long Should Power Wheels Battery Last? Click on the link and read the whole guideline to read full details.

Adjust the Battery Size

If your lawn mower battery is not the right size, then it will not fit in that place of the power wheel battery. So most of the time you may have to adjust the space to accommodate a long mower battery. You need to measure the car battery to know how much space you need for your lawn mower battery.

If you have purchased a larger battery, you can use a power saw to make more space in the car’s hood. But after installing the battery, make sure that the hood is locked well.


A lawn mower battery is not connected in the same way as a power wheel’s battery. Most power wheels use connectors to connect batteries to the power wheel cable system. You may even need crocodile clips to attach the battery terminal to the toy car. You can find some of these connectors and crocodile clips in stores near you. You must use the correct wire, which will not burn easily but will be able to carry current.


Can I Use a 12 Volt Lawn Mower Battery in Power Wheels?

Yes, you can use a 12-volt lawn mower battery on the power wheel. The lawn mower battery installation process at Power Wheels is simple. You just have to follow a few simple steps. You can transform it into a DIY process in a very short time.

Is a Lawn Mower Battery a Good Power Wheels 12V Battery Alternative?

For a power wheel 12V battery, a deep cycle lawn mower battery is an excellent alternative. You just have to make sure that the battery voltage matches the power wheel. You will get much better performance from a lawn mower battery, compared to a battery of normal power wheels.

Even a Lawn Mower battery has a longer lifespan than a Power Wheels battery. Plus, your kids will be able to play with it longer. You may not know, a lawn mower battery is more powerful than the battery of Power Wheels and your kids will be able to drive at high speeds with it.

Is it Safe to Equip a Lawn Mower Battery with Power Wheels?

Many parents may wonder if it is safe to connect a Lawn Mower battery to a kid’s toy car. For those who are more concerned about it, we can assure you that it is safe to have a Lawn Mower Battery on a Power Wheel. But when adjusting it you need to ensure proper handling and storage. If you set it up properly, it is perfectly safe to use.

Remember, never use old worn out. Besides, if you have an old battery that is worn out, dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner. Remember to never overcharge the battery, otherwise, your battery will lose its lifespan very quickly. Also, keep your battery away from extremes like excess heat, humidity, snow, freezing, humidity. You must take proper care of the battery to keep it in perfect condition.


Replacing power wheels batteries with deep cycle lawn mower batteries is an easy process for everyone. You can easily replace the battery of your child’s power wheels by reading this article. It can transform your child into a well-performing toy car for outdoor fun.

After completing all of the above steps, check your car carefully to see if the battery is properly stored for long-term use. We hope that you find the right guideline to put a Lawn Mower battery on your Power Wheel car. Are you interested to know best power wheels motor upgrade? Then click on this link and read the guideline.

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