How to Charge Power Wheels

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Well, today our topic is how to charge power wheels? You probably know that any machine needs the energy to work, be it electrical or mechanical. In the case of Power wheels are no exception, they also need power when the cars are moving forward. These rechargeable power wheels toys are becoming more and more popular among children. They love to spend their busy time with it.

However, if your kids use it too much, you may need to charge the power wheels battery frequently. But for some parents, it is a matter of great concern that they do not know how to charge their child’s power wheels. You must know how to charge a power wheels battery. But before that, you need to know some basic things about batteries. In this article, we will discuss how to charge the power wheels battery and some basic things about charging the battery.

How to Charge Power Wheels

Power wheels require a charger to charge the battery with which we are all very well acquainted. You will need a charger to charge your child’s power wheels. But you need to charge your child’s power wheels by following certain steps. There are steps and additional tips that are mandatory to maintain. So let’s start the process without delay. To get extra info, follow How To Charge Power Wheels Battery.

Step 1

Power Wheels Before you start the battery you need to find out the battery and its charging ports. Typically, power wheels batteries, located under the hood of the car. Open the hood of your child’s toy car, disconnect the battery from the car. This time, Find out where the battery charging ports are.

Step 2

Now you need to connect the charger to the power of the power wheels and the charging jack. This battery charging jack is located to the right of the most recognizable power wheels. Now connect the charging port to the jack.

Now it’s time to connect the charger to the electrical outlet. Find an electrical outlet near you and attach the charger to it. However, you need to make sure that the power, voltage, and amperage of the electrical outlet match the label of your charger. Otherwise, it could lead to accidents. Because high voltage power wheels do not charge the battery.

Step 3

Once the charger is connected to the electrical outlet, now you have to do is wait until the charging process is complete. Generally, if your power wheels battery is 12V or 24V and the battery is completely empty. Then a completely empty power wheels battery takes 14-18 hours to complete the charging process. But it takes a little less time to charge the 6V battery. A 6V battery takes about 10-12 hours to fully charge.

But all power wheel batteries take longer than the first charge. Once the power wheels are used, it takes less time to charge. However, there will be a charging process indicator when you charge the battery. You need to keep an eye on it and unplug everything from the battery electrical outlet as soon as the charging process is complete.

In addition, keep in mind that the toy car’s ignition turns off when the power wheels are charging the battery. You must be careful about this. Because it is the most basic and essential thing to consider before charging the power wheels.

How Do I Understand My Power Wheels are Charged or Not?

Once your Power Wheels battery charging process is complete, you can now test the battery with a hydrometer. It is a cheap tool with a float that is able to detect the electrical power of your battery. Moreover, if your power wheel battery goes off. You can estimate the battery charge by turning on the power wheels engine. Those who wish to go into more detail about the power wheel battery charging period can learn about How To Charge Power Wheels Dune Extreme.

This will help you to know how much charge is left in the battery. If you see that the toy car fail to charge the engine even after recharging the battery. Then you might want to try jump-start. This way you can see if your battery is being charged or not. But, if the power wheels engine can jump-start and the charger light or ammeter shows regular operation. Then you may need to replace the battery.

Can I Charge a Power Wheels Battery Without a Charger?

Yes. You can charge your power wheels battery using the alternative method without a charger. But it is safe to charge the battery using the alternative method if you do it a few times. Also, if you do not have a Power Wheels battery charger. Besides, without alternative methods, you have no option to charge the battery. If you want to get additional information regarding the topic, you can simply go with How To Charge A Power Wheels Battery 6 Volt.

But it is not right to charge for a long time like this, the battery is wasted. So you need to replace your charger as soon as possible to save your battery. However, when you charge the power wheels battery in the alternative mode, you have to be very careful. Always keep an eye on the battery while charging it.

Before charging, the battery should be checked thoroughly to see if there is any problem with the battery. When you attach alligator clamps to the battery, always measure the current. The batteries must be charged for a certain period of time. That’s why you need to check the battery after a while. Remember, never overcharged the power wheels batteries.


You can follow the general guidelines mentioned above when you recharge your power wheels battery. But it is a good idea to use a specific charger for a specific battery. If you use an alternative way to charge the battery, make sure you don’t use it too long. This will prevent the longevity of your power wheels battery. We hope that through this article, you have learned how to charge a power wheel battery. Hopefully, now you can charge your child’s power wheel.