How Fast Is A 12v Power Wheel




How Fast Is A 12v Power Wheel

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How Fast Is A 12v Power Wheel

Power wheels are the first love of kids as they have a special affection towards these four-wheel toy cars. Power wheels are drivable, and that’s what makes these toy cars a magnet for kids. It makes them go out and play, which contributes to the childhood activities that a child should do. 

Power wheels are well demanded around the globe. It’s becoming a must to buy the item for people having kids. The increased demand and purchase arise many questions regarding their maintenance. One of the popular questions is on the power wheels batteries. People skim through the internet to find out about the batteries to be used, what precautions to take, and how long power wheels batteries need to charge.

If you are one of them surfing through the internet to find these answers, you must read these articles that will help you find the best answer to your concerns regarding power wheel batteries. 

Power Wheels Batteries 

Whenever you purchase a power wheels toy car, you must know that various batteries have their specifications. These different variants are used in the diverse categories of cars. For example, if you buy a small variant for kids under three years, it will have a light battery, but if your kid is grown, then the bigger cars will have heavier batteries that have more power to speed up the car.

The following information will help you out in finding the right battery for your power wheels model:

  1. 6 volts battery

The six volts battery is the starting range. It’s light and low powered. These batteries are mostly used in three years old toy cars. As kids are immature, these batteries don’t let them go beyond limits, suitable for small models. A kid could drive up to 2 miles per hour having a 6v battery under the seat. 

  1. 12 volts battery 

The second category in batteries has 12v powered batteries. They are considered as a soft spot for electric toy cars. It is because 12V batteries have decent power that moves the air at 4 miles per hour. It’s neither a boring speed nor unsafe for being faster. 12v batteries are optimum for standard and spacious toy cars.

  1. 24 volts battery 

The third one on the list is the heavier 24V battery. These batteries are for thrill-seeking kids who like to drive at a faster speed. 24V battery can power a car to go as fast as 5 miles per hour, so it’s recommended for kids who have developed enough driving skills. 

How Long To Charge A 12V battery 

The second question that arises in anyone’s mind relates to the charging time of these batteries. As power wheels batteries are rechargeable, one should have a clear idea of managing the charging time. It’s very simple if you follow the recommendations that are stated below:

After the purchase, make sure that you charge the new power wheels battery for at least 18 hours before letting your kids roll the wheels. An optimum charge before the first ride will prepare the batteries to operate longer before it requires another charge.

After every use, wait for a while, connect the charger socket to the electric car, and charge it for at least 14 hours. Make sure to let the car charge uninterruptedly to keep the battery healthy at maximum. It will let the batteries run for longer. Failing to do so will wear off the batteries soon after the purchase.

The company uses specific chargers for different batteries. Like a 12v charger is made for 12v batteries. So, make sure to use the specific charger for the batteries you are using in the car. Using the wrong charger will damage the batteries and even cause a fire if a heavier charger is charging a low volt battery. 

Safety Measures to Be Taken 

The power wheels cars are the thing to be enjoyed but not the batteries. There are certain measures to be taken while dealing with these batteries. Read out the following instructions to keep everything safe:

  1. Always use the authorised charger for all the batteries.
  2. Make sure to charge the batteries for the recommended charging time and not only the charger in between. You should also not overcharge these batteries as they can cause damage to them.
  3. Never let the children play with batteries or mess with their wires. 
  4. Don’t make aftermarket alterations in the batteries as it can cause a fire.


The power wheels are undoubtedly amazing, and after reading all the things to know, you can make an effective purchase and manage these batteries like a pro. Just stick with the instructions, and that’s enough for you to handle these batteries safely. 

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