Can You Use any 12V Battery Power Wheels




Can You Use any 12V Battery Power Wheels

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Details on Can You Use any 12V Battery Power Wheels

Can you use 12v battery power wheels? It depends on a lot of factors. Remember that 12 volt batteries function best when the power wheels are 12 volts. Today we’ll look at power wheels and appropriate batteries.

Thus, any 12-volt battery will work with Power Wheels as long as the toy has a 12 volt rating. However, this is not good for a variety of reasons, including the absence of built-in thermal fuses, fluctuating current output, and incompatibility with Power Wheels battery chargers.

In the next section, we’ll talk about the detailed reasons as to why 12v batteries aren’t good for power wheels.

Reasons 12V Battery Not Compatible with Power Wheels

Random Batteries Without Built-In Thermal Fuse

A thermal fuse is built into the majority of Power Wheels batteries. This safeguards your Power Wheel from catching fire or overheating if the battery is damaged or the wrong voltage or current is used to jump start it.

In the event that something goes wrong, especially when the battery is being used by children who tend to play rough, the harm can be done very quickly.

Regular Batteries Not Compatible with Power Wheels

Another reason not to use any 12-volt battery.

Most Power Wheel toys are constructed for special batteries that have an onboard charger.

Some people try to save money by buying standard automobile batteries without built-in charger units, but this won’t work with your child’s toy because you’ll need to acquire an appropriate charger device.

Regular Batteries Void the Power Wheels Warranty

You can’t change it. Many battery suppliers may cancel warranties if your child’s Power Wheel is damaged due to you using an ordinary automobile battery despite the company’s warnings.

Avoid buying a new Power Wheel toy if you don’t do your homework and use the correct battery.

Importance of Using Recommended Batteries

If you buy a Power Wheel toy from a discount store, you may not realize the battery has a problem until it’s too late. And, your child might be in a bad mood because their toy won’t operate.

To be safe, only use the batteries that come with the Power Wheels toys. As a parent, you don’t want to put your child’s safety at risk by saving a few dollars or taking a chance on a toy you’re unfamiliar with.

Purchasing Replacement Batteries for Power Wheels

If the firm who sold you the Power Wheels is unable to replace the battery, you can purchase one online. Amazon’s top online source for Power Wheels replacement batteries.

They carry genuine Power Wheel batteries as well as those from other manufacturers, allowing you to obtain the best deal and save money. The best news is that you can also use Amazon coupons to save even more, so check them out before you check out.

How to Maintain Power Wheels Batteries?

Ensure that all of your child’s Power Wheel toys has full charge before letting them play with them.

Keep the batteries with full charge with a Power Wheels battery charger as long as possible. When the battery won’t be in use for several months or longer, make sure you store them properly.

Learn about 24v Power Wheels.

Can I Charge the Battery with any Charger?

Sometimes this will not work and you may end up damaging the battery by overcharging.

Always use a Power Wheels or other brand charger. It’s because they are specifically built for these batteries and function brilliantly with them. And you can avoid issues like output voltage concerns.

You can charge a Power Wheels battery without a charger if you’re willing to take a gamble.

Using LawnMower Battery in Power Wheels

This is not a good idea at all. Deep cycle batteries, found in Power Wheels, are capable of being discharged by 20% to 50% of their total capacity before needing to be recharged hundreds of times.

So, if you want to utilize your Power Wheel toy, you can’t use a typical lawn mower battery because it won’t last long enough, needs a fuse, and isn’t long enough when used for kids’ toys.

More on Lawmower Batteries for Power Wheels

Lawnmower and automobile batteries are not preferable as replacements for the basic 12v Power Wheels battery.

The reason for this is that these batteries are not designed for charging or recharging and could explode, exposing your children to the harmful chemicals in the batteries!

In lieu of using lawnmower batteries, you should only use sealed batteries, which are far more secure. Fortunately, these batteries are as inexpensive as lawnmower batteries.

An 18AH Sealed Lead-Acid Battery from Weize

Your child’s Power Wheels toy will run smoothly with the help of this 12-volt battery with an 18-amp-hour capacity. Absorbant Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are known for their excellent performance and extended service life in power wheels.

This fantastic 12 volt power wheels battery alternative works excellent. And, it tends to last twice as long as standard power wheel replacement batteries!

ML12 12 AH Mighty Max SLA

Certain SLA batteries are engineered to allow deep discharge recovery and long service life. This SLA spill resistant battery is one of the finest friends of parents with kids who love power wheels. A 3X longer battery life than the OEM Power Wheels battery.

It also outlasts most factory-installed power wheels batteries due to its absorbed glass mat construction. Remember to connect it to the power wheels connector (add a fuse as mentioned before).

Of course, some minor adjustments may be necessary to fit your child’s Jeep Wrangler or Dune Racer, etc. Learn to charge a power wheel battery.

Final Remarks

Using any 12-volt battery in your child’s Power Wheels will only cause problems in the long run. And, you’ll almost end up paying more on batteries than it would have cost to buy from the manufacturer. Learn more on Amps used by Power wheels.

Thus, please bear this in mind and buy only recommended manufacturers of Power Wheels toys. Yet, do check the two batteries we’ve mentioned in the previous sections. Those batteries go well with power wheels and you can certainly use them without any concerns.

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