How To Store Power Wheels Battery




How To Store Power Wheels Battery

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Best Guide- How To Store Power Wheels Battery

Well, this blog post is the best guide on how to store power wheels battery. Batteries are one of the most important part of a power wheel. Without proper care, maintenance, and storage, a power wheels battery won’t last long. Thus, the power wheel won’t perform accordingly. (Read more about Power Wheels Storage)

The average lifespan of batteries is one to two years if they are of good quality. They can, yet, last for many more years if we care them properly. Maintenance is necessary. But, how you keep your battery is crucial to its longevity.

When we store battery improperly in the garage, there is a greater risk of harm. Maintain your battery according to professional suggestions to get the most out of it. In this part, we’ll show you how to correctly store your power wheel’s batteries.

Risk Related to Power Wheels Battery Storage

Regardless how we store the battery, there’s a serious issue with the rate of drain. It means that the battery with full charge will deplete even if it’s not used. Rechargeable batteries, such as the power wheels battery, are prone to this problem.

Even if the battery has a complete charge, it will deplete after two to three months of inactivity. The most prevalent cause of battery degeneration is storing a battery for a lengthy period of time.

It’s not good if we leave the battery without using for an extended period of time. Sulfation accumulates on the internal lead plates. Thus, it reduces its capacity. Long-term sulfation causes corrosion. And, as a result, there’s a reduction in battery capacity.

Tips To- Store Power Wheels Battery

Store with Full Charge in Battery

When the battery is not in use, it will naturally deplete. Before putting your battery in storage, it’s a good idea to fully charge it.

Batteries for wheels should not be kept in storage if they are dead or have little power. As previously said, avoid overcharging your battery.

The battery should be routinely checked for voltage. And, we should recharge when the voltage falls below 70% of its rated capacity. These all are checklist before storing battery for a lengthy period of time.

Adequate Temperature Before Storage

It is recommended that electric car batteries be stored at temperatures between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius. The faster the battery discharges, the greater the storage temperature must be.

This is due to an increase in the battery’s chemical activity.

Maintain Proper Humidity Levels

The ideal storage humidity is 50%. Some sealed lead acid batteries’ terminals corrode in high humidity. Surface rust can be removed with sandpaper or baking soda and water, but extensive corrosion will leave an uneven surface on the terminal, causing connection issues.

If you reside in a humid environment, lubricate the battery terminals. This will stop oxidation. It is also advisable to keep the batteries away from direct sunlight and heat sources such as radiators. This can cause internal damage, reducing the battery life of your power wheel.

Battery Recharge- Every Six Months

If the battery has been correctly stored at the optimum temperature and humidity, it should be checked and recharged every six months. This will help to prevent any potential sulfation. Whats the Best Power Wheels.

More Details- Storage of Power Wheels Batteries

Its electrolyte content drops to practically water when fully discharged. Freezing your Power Wheels battery damages the electrolyte and the battery. However, the battery should always be stored upright. The battery cover does not need to be disassembling.

Once a week, inspect the batteries for excessive gas release and purge if necessary. When storing the battery at high temperatures, there should be removal of fill valve cover to reduce gas production. The self-discharge rate decreases with temperature. At higher temperature, the battery self-discharges fast and produces more gas that is best to avoid.

Long-term UV exposure can degrade the urethane diaphragm. Keep the battery out of direct sunlight. Cover the battery for days, weeks, or months. The case is mainly of plastic, which resists most oils and chemicals. Neoprene connectors should not be subjected to harmful oils or solvents (such as diesel oil or any organic solvents).

Winter Storage- Power Wheels Battery

To maximize the life of your power wheels battery, store it properly. Winter is very harsh on batteries. Winter caused more battery damage. Power Wheels batteries may lose efficiency in cold temperatures. In the winter, we put the battery in jeopardy by raising the thermostat.

We should store power wheel batteries safely during the summer and follow some easy instructions. If you follow the pre-conditioning guideline, your power wheels should heat the cabin without draining the battery. It would assist if you selected the “Eco” option on your electric car to regulate heating, braking, and acceleration.

Eco-driving maximizes the efficiency of your power wheels. It will gain vigor. Avoid rapid braking and acceleration. Follow the simple instructions above to improve battery performance. But winter storing is equally important. How to Upgrade Power Wheels Motor.

Keep Battery Charger While Storing

To ensure the natural drain rate of the Power Wheel battery, it’s good to charge it every 2-3 months. The normal Power Wheel battery charger is best to left for eight hours. This is by far the most vital item to remember. Because, it determines the battery life of your Power Wheels.

Final Thoughts

With proper storage, you may extend the battery life of your power wheel by up to two years. Batteries should be carefully stored to avoid the mistakes that have been outlined before in this article.

Follow the guidelines and take care to ensure the safety of your battery in the winter. Maintaining your power wheels battery properly might extend its lifespan by several years. What Is The Difference Between A 12v And 24v Power Wheels.

This concludes our guide on how to properly maintain and store your Power Wheels battery. You’ve just learned how to avoid the most typical blunders that others make. If you follow these final battery care instructions, you may expect your Power Wheels battery to survive longer.

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