How To Fix Power Wheels Gearbox




How To Fix Power Wheels Gearbox

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Find- How To Fix Power Wheels Gearbox

Learning how to fix power wheels gearbox can sound difficult. But, we’ll make it simple for you in this article. Not only, we’ll share fixing solutions, but also provide upgrading options as well. Overall, the discussion will be wide and you’ll get the ultimate information on power wheels gear box.

A damaged or broken gearbox can make power wheel riding extremely unsafe. It can be difficult for a long-time power wheel owner to consider that their existing gearbox may be defective. The repair of your child’s Power Wheels gearbox ensures that he or she has a safe and reliable riding experience.

When dealing with stripped or broken gears, replacing or upgrading a Power Wheels gearbox is a good option. Plastic gears are used in stock gearboxes, and they are prone to stripping, limiting speed and performance. You can use factory plastic to replace the weak first gear or upgrade to hardened steel.

How to Replace the Gear Box in a Power Wheels

Before attempting to fix the gearbox, remove the left wheel. Then you must open your vehicle’s back door. The engine’s gearbox should then be removed.

The first, second, third, and fourth gears are found in a gearbox. To separate all of the gears, you may need to use a drill. Then you must fix the broken one. Keep the following in mind when repairing:

  • Remove the four gears first.
  • Find the one that isn’t working and fix it.
  • Clean and graze the gearbox.
  • It should be reinstalled.

You can also quickly and easily repair small faults like damaged plastic within the consul if you have superior comprehension. However, if you don’t know how to repair a power wheel gearbox, don’t do it. How to get Traction on Power Wheels.

Because ignorance may aggravate the situation. Furthermore, traditional car parts suppliers may not offer replacement parts for your power wheel. Even if your power wheel appears to be in good working order, it is critical to repair the parts as soon as possible. Next, we’ll talk about replacing gear box for power wheels.

Fix Power Wheels Gear Box- Replacement

Let’s look at the technique for replacing the power wheel gearbox step by step.


You must repair your gearbox on a flat surface in a dry atmosphere, in addition to doing automatic work on your power wheel vehicle.

Disconnect the power wheel batteries and make sure you have enough light to see beneath your power wheel toy car. It is recommended that you get the assistance of a friend who can assist you with the gearbox replacement.


To remove the gearstick, first turn the peak of the gearstick. If your power wheel vehicle has a console or shifter trim plate, it must be removed as well.

Locate the driveshaft nuts and separate any electrical wires that connect to the gearbox. It’s a good idea to write something on the driveshaft to confirm that you’ve connected the new gearbox correctly.

Replace the Transmission Fluid

The bolts on the output shaft must now be removed. To collect the transmission fluid that will seep out during this job, place a holder under the bulk casing.

Remove the speedo cable, as well as any other pieces remaining attached to the gearbox. You’re almost ready to remove everything.

Disconnect the Gearbox

In general, a gearbox is a little heavy. When removing the power wheel gearbox, it’s best to enlist the help of others. How Long Charge Power Wheels Battery.

Remove the weight from the gearbox with a jack, then detach the nuts that connect it to the cross member and engine. After disconnecting the gearbox, simply wheel out the prior box for replacement using the jack.


The replacement power wheel gearbox must now be installed. When you’ve removed the previous box, place this on the jack and gently slide it beneath your power wheel vehicle.

As a result, it will be at the proper location for reconnection with the engine. Attach the bolts that hold the gearbox to the cross member and engine once more, making sure they are properly positioned.


In this place, all of your hard work will pay off. Each wire should be connected to the right place on the gearbox and the driveshaft should be in the right place.

It should be easy and quick to figure out which cable goes where if you’ve given each one a clear and correct label first. Top off the transmission fluid and get it from under the power wheel car when you remove the extension housing.

Take a Test Drive

When you finish the whole thing, take your power wheel ride on toy car for a spin.

Make sure the new power wheel gearbox isn’t too hard when you first get it.

Make sure that you drive in a way that doesn’t cause you to have a problem with the gearbox that leads to an accident.

How to Avoid Breaking Power Wheels Gear Box

The factory 7R Power Wheels gearboxes are the best since they are sturdy and lasting. Driving a Power Wheels car over potholes, ruts, and dips quickly breaks plastic gears due to torque spikes.

Rear rubber traction isn’t advised because it overheats the motors, causing gear failure. It also raises the risk of a rollover. Always check the gear posts, especially in first gear. Because all internal gears in a 7R gearbox are identical, buying a spare gearbox and using it for parts can save money.

Power Wheels cars, especially ones with upgraded motors and batteries, frequently fail gears. The frequency of gear difficulties relies on the car’s overuse. These include overloading, off-road riding, and a rear rubber tire.

Final Thoughts

The car can be up and running again with a short gearbox replacement. The replacement procedure is simple and quick, and it does not necessitate the use of any specific tools or engineering abilities.

Combining Power Wheels gearbox upgrades with other modifications is a great approach to boost the performance of a ride-on automobile. How To Hang Power Wheels In Garage.

The procedure is straightforward, and just comprises swapping out the conventional plastic first gear for a hardened steel one. Hardened steel first gears are more durable than plastic first gears and are less prone to gear stripping.

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