How To Convert Power Wheels To Lawn Mower Battery




How To Convert Power Wheels To Lawn Mower Battery

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Find- How To Convert Power Wheels To Lawn Mower Battery

Well, the topic- how to convert power wheels to lawn mower battery is quite exciting. We all want to upgrade or modify power wheels to experience better results. Well, we’ll be giving the perfect guide to convert your favorite power wheels to mower battery.

A lawnmower battery is a great alternative for parents who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a replacement battery. Also, when lawn mower batteries are installed in Power Wheels for kids, they tend to live longer.

You can find all of the instructions for installing a lawnmower battery into your child’s power wheels here. This also works with a tractor battery if you don’t have a lawnmower battery.

Things to Consider Before the Conversion


Ensure the lawnmower battery voltage matches the Power Wheels. Toy automobiles for kids should use a 12V lawn mower battery.

A 6V lawn mower battery also works with 6V power wheels. How to upgrade Power Wheels 6V to 12V battery is different. How Long To Charge 6v Power Wheels Battery.

The voltage of a battery is vital for Power Wheels wiring and motor. A greater voltage than required for the toy cars can cause malfunctions due to lack of power. On Power Wheels, you may also update the vehicle’s motor for extra power.

Dimensions of the Battery

Occasionally, a lawnmower battery will fit into the space where the power wheels battery is supposed to go. Most of the time, though, parents must make space adjustments to accommodate a lawnmower battery.

You’ll need to measure the car battery and the lawnmower battery to figure out how much space you’ll need.

A power saw can be used to cut through the battery and free up space under the hood. Once the new battery is installed, the goal is to ensure that the hood locks properly.

After making the appropriate adjustments, you can locate a battery box for the new battery.


The connection between a lawnmower battery and a Power Wheels battery is different. Connectors are used to connect the battery to the wiring system on most Power Wheels.

To connect the battery terminals to the toy vehicle, you’ll need connectors or crocodile clips.

Connectors and crocodile clips are available at your local retailer. Simply ensure that the wiring is the correct size to carry the electricity without burning out.

Adding a Lawn Mower Battery to a Power Wheels Vehicle

When you opt to install a lawnmower battery into Power Wheels into your child’s ride, there are a few things to keep in mind. Understanding the tools you’ll need for the conversion will make the process go more smoothly.

Before you begin the process, you should gather all of the necessary resources. A lawnmower battery, wires, a crimper, connections, and a screwdriver might be helpful.

Your lawnmower’s voltage should be the same as your Power Wheels’. If you choose a larger battery, it should be at least 6V higher than the voltage of the toy car.

The Steps to Convert Power Wheels to Lawn Mower Battery

1. Open the hood of your Power Wheels and unscrew the screws holding the battery cover in place (at the front for most cars). Unplug the connector to remove the battery.

2. Keep the batteries out of reach of children in your garage or elsewhere.

Now that you have an empty box, compare your lawn mower batteries to it. If it fits well, connect it as suggested in steps 3 and 4.

3. Returning to the old battery’s connector, you’ll notice two wires attached. Cut the top wires and toss the plug.

4. Now comes the fun part – attaching the new battery to the toy.

Casing wire strippers/connectors: To attach the vehicle’s terminal connectors to the wire strippers, do this. This is a car’s engine. In contrast, the negative terminal is black.

Hook one end to the positive and the other to the negative. Replace the battery and make sure it fits into the cavity with the new connections.

5. Finally, test drive your Power Wheels to confirm the new battery has enough power. Do it alone or with the kids.

Testing the new lawn mower battery’s speed on different surfaces (tar, grass, etc.) is ideal for determining the project’s success.

Notably, do not overcharge the battery. It’s never a smart idea to overtax a deep-cycle battery.

Make Lawn Mower Battery Charger By a Power Wheels Charger

After you’ve completed the preceding steps, you might feel compelled to convert the original Power Wheels charger to one compatible with the lawn mower battery. Learn How To Customize A Power Wheel

If that’s the case, here’s what you should do:

  • You’ll find a connector with two wires running to it once more. Cut the wires at the point where they connect to the plug and discard it.
  • Remove half an inch of the wire’s housing and connect it to a connector.
  • Connect the positive and negative wires to the positive and negative electrodes, respectively, on your new battery.

Frequently Asked Questions- Convert to Lawn Mower Battery

Is it Okay to Use 12v Lawn Mower Battery in a Power Wheel?

Yes, you certainly can. The installation procedure is straightforward and consists of only a few easy steps. The conversion can be done by parents themselves. It should take less than 1.5 hours for those who aren’t familiar with electronics.

Can I Hire a Repairman to Help with the Conversion?

The conversion can be done by a maintenance specialist, but the process is so simple that you can do it yourself.

Some parents, however, have tight schedules and will require assistance with the conversion. You can acquire suggestions for a reputable specialist for the conversion from other parents in your area.

Final Thoughts

The great thing about Power Wheels automobiles is that you can customize them endlessly. Installing a lawn mower battery is one approach to make use of your resources rather than going out and purchasing new Power Wheels stock.

Lawn mower batteries typically last for four years. However, ride-on batteries can only last for three years. How To Fix A Power Wheels Car.

Don’t worry about it taking too long; the total treatment takes around an hour. Your child will soon be driving a more advanced vehicle.

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