How To Convert Power Wheels To Drill Battery




How To Convert Power Wheels To Drill Battery

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Guide- How To Convert Power Wheels To Drill Battery

Well, we’re here with an exquisite topic- how to convert power wheels to drill battery. You may desire to upgrade or convert your batteries for a variety of reasons. It’s possible that the factory-installed batteries are dead, in which case boosting the voltage is a better option.

Alternatively, you and your child are both tired of the lengthy charging times. Your child may wish for the journey to be a little faster. If you’re in any of these circumstances, we’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone by upgrading the regular Power Wheels battery.

Just keep in mind that cutting out the battery connector will void your warranty—but it’s a risk worth taking. Overall, this blog post will guide you to learn everything about converting power wheels to drill battery.

Using an 18-Volt Drill Battery to Replace the 12-Volt Battery

The most efficient approach to increase the battery capacity of Power Wheels is to replace the 12-volt battery with an 18-volt cell.

However, we’ll receive our replacement motor from a Milwaukee drill in this situation. Before beginning the process, you’ll need to change the connecting points with a USB battery adaptor.

Making Use of the USB Adaptor

Although there are a few options for connecting the battery to the Power Wheels, this is by far the easiest. By opening the adaptor, you can see where the battery connections are.

Turn it over and connect two wires to the connecting points on the other side. Drill a few of holes in the plastic for the wires to pass through to complete the project. How To Change A Power Wheels Battery.

Power Wheels Battery Upgrade- Safety Considerations

Following the instructions is crucial because omitting a phase or two can cause difficulties in the system. If you’re not ok with working with circuits, start slowly. When you work at a quick pace, things can go wrong.

Here are a few measures you must do to avoid messing up the setup.

Fit a Fuse

Whether you choose a lithium-ion or a less powerful sealed lead-acid battery, upgrading a 12-volt Power Wheels to an 18-volt automobile will almost always be too much for the ride-on.

It may overheat (or even catch fire in some extreme cases).

Luckily, most SLA batteries include a built-in fuse to protect the motor (always check as you can never be too sure). Add a 30- or 40-amp external fuse to the lithium-ion battery.

Install an ESC Kit

Changing the original battery speeds up. This can be risky if your kids lack the motor abilities to drive the Power Wheel at high speeds.

They could need time to acclimate to an 18-volt Power Wheel’s greater power than a 12-volt automobile.

In this scenario, installing a motor speed controller allows you to manage the voltage sent to the motor. Your new battery and motor can accommodate it.


During this operation, you’ll need to change some factory wiring, so make sure your vehicle’s connections are correct.

Consider how you should connect the positive wire of the larger battery to the negative wire of the smaller battery (and not positive to positive or negative terminal to negative).

Build Strong Connections

Prevent any slack wires in your equipment because this could damage the overall performance of the vehicle. If any loose connections remain after the operation, solder them to prevent future problems.

Protect the New Battery with a Case

In either case, the Power Wheel could fall over. If this is the case, the battery needs to be placed so that it doesn’t fall out of the hood.

Upgrading the Battery in Your Power Wheels

Because most Power Wheels are 12-volt ride-on cars, you’re probably wanting to upgrade this one. However, a 6-volt Power Wheel may be converted to a 12-volt vehicle. Learn How To Change Power Wheels Tires.

You may either create a battery pack with two 6-volt batteries or buy a new 12-volt replacement battery to make the Power Wheels go faster. In this scenario, the latter is the best alternative. The focus of this tutorial will be on converting 12-volt cars into drill battery Power Wheels.

You may either add a 6-volt battery to the 12-volt Power Wheels battery or replace the 12-volt cell with a new 18-volt battery to accomplish this. Keep in mind that increasing the speed may cause your gears and motors to burn out, so you should consider replacing them at some point.

Convert Power Wheels to Drill Battery Steps

The following are the materials you’ll need to complete this project:

  • A fuse holder and a 30-amp fuse.
  • Wire cutters.
  • A flathead screwdriver.
  • Electrical tape.
  • Crimping pliers.
  • A Wire Remover

Attach the Battery and Connect the Fuse

The first step is to connect the fuse to the positive terminal of the wire. You’ll need to cut the Power Wheel connector off because it will most likely not fit the new battery.

After that, join the plastic to the Power Wheel by drilling a few additional holes in it and screwing it to the battery cavity’s side. Place your battery inside.

Connect the Speed Controller to the Computer

Connect the motor to the “motor section” and the battery to the “input section” to connect it to the car.

Stick it to the compartment using your electric tape.

Put It To The Test

Finally, this setup is much easier than the prior one. In comparison to when you had to cut off portion of the plastic, you’ll have more space within the battery cavity.

When you’re finished, take the ride-on automobile for a spin (both with and without extra weight i.e., the kids).

Final Thoughts

Before you begin customizing your children’s Power Wheels vehicle, be certain that you understand the procedure. It’s not that difficult, and with a little perseverance, you’ll be finished in a few hours.

In the long run, changing the existing batteries is far superior to purchasing a new ride-on vehicle. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to improve your technical abilities. How To Fix Power Wheels Steering.

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