How Fast Can A Power Wheel Go




How Fast Can A Power Wheel Go

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How Fast Can A Power Wheel Go

How Fast Can A Power Wheel Go? Playing games with your children will aid you a lot in building a solid and unbreakable bond with them while they develop some additional yet precious skills. Many types of research have shown that spending some quality time with your children will help them grow at a faster rate, develop some physical and cognitive skills, aid in decision-making processes, and most importantly, keep them happy. 

And as it is said, toys are your children’s best friends. Nevertheless, the types of them have changed a lot now. So gone are days when kids used to transform the home’s old big pillow into their very own walking horses. Now! They want some real fun and actual vehicles. And when we talk about the kid’s vehicle and cases, power wheel vehicles are a name not to be missed. They are quite popular among kids and parents equally for a wide variety of reasons

Nevertheless, their wheel area, known as the “Power Wheels,” tops the list. The same is the reason that specific questions arise in the customer’s mind concerning it. For instance, “How Fast Can A Power Wheel Go? “, “Should I accompany my kid on the power vehicle? Is it necessary?” and the list goes on. So if you belong to that bunch of people investigating the answer to iOS dame kind of questions, then look no further. 

This article contains all of the essential information about the power wheels and power wheel vehicle before making the actual purchase. So without any further due, let us walk through the article. Please have a look.

All You Need To Know About Power Wheels And Power Wheel Vehicles

How Fast Can A Power Wheel Go? 

We need to jump in a bit more details to answer these questions to assure your better understanding. We are saying this because the answer to it is a bit complicated. 

The speed of the power wheels increases along with the size of the motor it acquires and its battery size. Hence, the distance coverage will also vary accordingly. Yet, we can still provide you with the basic idea.

So a 6-volt power wheel can go at the speed of 2 miles per hour. a 12-volt power wheel can go at the rate of 4 miles per hour. At the same time, the 24-volt power wheel can go up to the speed of 6 miles per hour. 

It depends on you which size of motor and battery you are using for your power wheel vehicle. So choose an option wisely. 

How can I Make My Power Wheel Go Faster? 

Many of our customers come with a common question again and again. i,e “How can we make our power wheels go faster?”

And we are here yet again to answer this question as well. So the simplest and most convenient way to modify a power wheel is to alter the voltage of its battery first. 

This means you can convert your 12-volt battery to the 16 volts one, which will affect your power wheel to go faster. However, do you know what the most exciting part Is of this whole scene? 

It Is that you can do this whole process at home. All you need is a battery of whatever volt you want to convert. 

Firstly, wire the batteries in a series. After that, trim the excess part to make it fit well. Now check them and wires batteries. At last, heatsink them (optional).  And voila, you are all done.

Should I Accompany My Kid On The Power Vehicle

Well! Remember that the power wheels are meant to be maid-to-be for slightly bigger children. Hence, if you purchase it for children of 5 to 7 years of age, it is unnecessary to accompany them every day. 

Just assist them for the first 2 or 3 days, and they can probably use it alone. however, if your kid is smaller than that of the suggested age, you might need to accompany them on a daily basis to get yourself rest assured of the safety.

Battery Voltage And The Speed Of The Power Wheels Go

Power wheels are primarily powered by two types of batteries and motors. The voltages are 6 volts and 12 volts, respectively. Other businesses utilise greater voltages, such as 24 or 36 volts.

The wheels with a 6 volt motor and battery have a speed restriction of 2 to 3 miles per hour. The 12 volt wheels, on the other hand, have a speed restriction of roughly 4-5 mph.

Modifying Power Wheels To Make Them Go Faster

Replace the motor with a new one:

  1. Turn on the Power Wheels’ engine. Turn the automobile on its side. Remove the wheels from the vehicle. With a screwdriver, remove the motor and jiggle it until it comes out.
  2. Check that the motor is compatible with your Power Wheels. Remove the brushless motor from your secondary vehicle and clean it with a rag.
  3. Connect the brushless motor pin with a spade connection. The spade must be free of solder. If you can’t get rid of the spade, go to your local hardware shop and buy one.
  4. Put your Power Wheels back together with the brushless motor. Begin by pushing the spade in first, then the motor. So that the battery does not move, secure the hardware in place. You’ll need to be patient as this may need some turning and twisting.

On The Bottom Line

For Summing up, power wheels are used by many parents to make their children happy and entertained. However, they come up with a wide variety of questions as well related to it. One of the common questions among all is How Fast Can A Power Wheel Go? 

We have tried to answer all such questions in the article above. So read and enjoy your next purchase.

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