How Can I Make My Power Wheels Faster




How Can I Make My Power Wheels Faster

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How can I make my power wheels faster? Well, you can do this through some upgrades. In the below part of the guide, we will let you know about the right process to make the power wheel faster.

Power wheels are one of the fun toys for kids. They come with realistic features like LED headlights, gearbox, horn, speed adjustment which offers thrilling rides to the kids. In addition, some electric cars also have remote control systems that protect parents from their children’s uncontrolled drive. But as a result of using them for a long time, the performance of the car gradually decreases. Then something needs to be upgraded.

How Can I Make My Power Wheels Faster

Battery installation plays a vital role when it comes to power wheel fastening. So one of the best solutions to fasten the power wheel may be battery add or motor change. Below, the complete process of adding a battery and changing the motor is discussed in detail.

Install the New Motor

In most cases, the motor has to be replaced when the batteries and tires are upgraded. Otherwise, the motor will overheat. This can make the power wheel useless at any time. Moreover, as a result of upgrading the motor, the speed of the car increases rapidly. Usually, as children get older, they become attracted to the speed of the car. Because then they are qualified enough to drive.

You don’t have to buy a new car for your child to gain speed. You can do this very easily with just a few unique and effective upgrades. In this upgrade, installing a new motor is a great way. You need some tools to upgrade the motor. They are

  • A screwdriver
  • A generator
  • Heat sinks device
  • Wires
  • Electric tape
  • Nuts & bolts

The above tools will also help to disassemble the motor from the power wheel.

Step 1

The first step is to get the motor out of the power wheel. For this, you have to gain access to the motor. Typically, the position of the motor of the maximum power wheel is with the gearbox. To access it you have to remove the wheel. Then, it will be easier to get motor access. When removing the original motor, make sure that no wires or gearboxes are damaged.

Step 2

To remove the motor, you need to loosen some nuts first. For this, you can take the help of a screwdriver. Again, when removing the motor, make sure that there is no damage to the gearbox.

Step 3

Now it’s time to install a new motor. However, before that, install a flat metal head. The flathead will help the gearbox to rotate gear comfortably. Another important tip is to match the original battery teeth when assigning a flathead. Otherwise, it will affect the function of the power wheel.

Step 4

After setting the motor, it is time to give it a connection. When it comes to wire connections, most power wheels come with basic and loose wires. If you are not satisfied with the connector, you can collect new connectors from a nearby local electric level. Connect the blue wire of the motor to the power wheel. And add the black wire to the power wheel’s black wire.

Here blue indicates it’s positive and black indicates its negative connection. Assemble the connection to activate and strip the exposed parts evenly with a wire cutter or crimper. Now check carefully if there is any extra exposure in the connection. If so, cover with electroplating tape. Otherwise, these can actually cause any accidents for children in contact with water.

That’s it. You are done with the power wheel motor installation. Now give it a test drive with your child and let him enjoy the new result. To get a faster toy car, you can consider best power wheels for 5-10 year olds.

Attach the New Battery

The most efficient and easy way to fasten any power wheel is by attaching the battery. Because these children’s toy cars run on battery power. You do not need to be an expert to attach a new battery to the power wheel. To get a faster toy car, you can consider best power wheels for 8 year olds.

With a few simple steps, you can install a new battery in your child’s car. Those steps are mentioned below.

Step 1

The first task is to buy a new battery. Go with a battery that matches the specifications of your child’s power wheel. Be sure to note the voltage, chemistry, and size when choosing a battery. If you are looking for an affordable but powerful battery then pick up the aftermarket news. This is because these batteries are relatively inexpensive compared to well-known brand batteries.

Step 2

Now remove the top of the original battery with a screwdriver. When cracking the top, keep pulling the ends of the battery. Then make sure there is no damage to the battery. Stay away from black connectors in particular. Since these are the terminals of the negative connection of the battery.

Step 3

After removing the connectors from the battery, they will be disconnected. As much as possible save the negative and positive wires connected to the battery so that they can be clipped. Use a crimper to ensure an orderly connection.

Step 4

Now add a fuse on the positive side of the battery connector. For that, include a 30 amp fuse in a fuse holder. Then wrap each connector neatly with electrical tape so that no excess is exposed outside the power wheel. Typically, positive connectors are white or red, and negative connectors are black.

Step 5

All you have to do at this stage is turn on the connection. For this, connect the positive terminal with the male adapter and the negative terminal with the female adapter. You must have understood that here we are talking about the terminal between the battery and the power wheel. Then test to see if the power wheel is moving properly. If so, the process of installing the new battery has been successful.

Also, you can consider the best power wheels for 7 year old to get an experience of a faster toy car.


It is wise to upgrade batteries and motors to make the power wheel faster. They instantly allow ride-on cars to double their speed. We hope that this guide will be useful enough to make your power wheel faster.

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