Can You Use Any 12V Battery In A Power Wheels 




Can You Use Any 12V Battery In A Power Wheels 

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Using Any 12V Battery In A Power Wheels 

Is It Possible to Utilize Any 12V Battery for Power Wheels? Power wheels have garnered immense popularity among children, and it’s easy to see why. The allure of toy cars is undeniable for kids, especially when they have the opportunity to drive them personally, offering an unparalleled thrill. Power wheels provide an excellent incentive for children to venture outdoors and become the pilots of their own toy vehicles. This piece focuses on the types of batteries suitable for power wheels and explores the compatibility of using a 12V battery in a power wheel.

Why Power Wheels Are So Famous

Power wheels are the most popular drivable electric toy car manufacturers that are known for their best models. They have a variety of shapes and sizes that are made for kids in different age groups. The company manufactures small to medium-sized and large car models so every child could enjoy riding their favourite cars.

A vital component of charging your power wheels battery correctly is to ensure that you do it for the appropriate amount of time. In the following guide, you’ll find out how long you should charge your power wheels battery to get the maximum run time and prolonged life.

How Long To Charge A Power Wheels 12V Battery

Before being used in the vehicle for the first time, new 12v power wheel batteries should be charged for at least 18 hours. The battery life of your kid’s Jeep or any ride-on vehicle battery will drastically decrease if you charge it for more than 30 hours.

What To Know Before Buying Power Wheels

Presently, almost every parent wishes to give one of the power wheel cars to their kids. But these electric cars aren’t cheap, so there are various things that one thinks about before making the purchase. Power wheels are made for kids, but while being a ridable toy car, parents are concerned whether they are safe or not and what model will be best suitable for their kid.   

Among the series of questions, many are concerned with the batteries to be used in these electric toy cars. Power wheels use different batteries in different models; for example, smaller cars don’t require heavier batteries and can run the electric motor on light batteries. In contrast, bigger toy cars require heavy batteries. They could run the motor bearing the weight of the driver. 

So you have to buy the right sized car before opting for the right batteries. To know which car with be best suitable for your child, read out the information given below. 

Power Wheels For Different Age Groups to Use Any 12V Battery In A Power Wheels 

These kid-sized cars are made to provide an amazing ride to the kids, but there are different sizes in these power wheel models made for kids in their specific age group. The following details with let you know which one will be right for your kids:

  1. Small toy cars are manufactured for kids aged between three to four years. But you have the option of remote control to operate these cars. It allows you to let kids younger than three years ride in it. 
  2. Medium-sized cars are for kids in the age group of five to six years. This car has considerable space to fit two kids and runs at a safe speed.
  3. A large category of car models is made for kids aged between seven to nine years. These cars are huge and fast, so only mature kids who know how to drive should ride these. 

Knowing this information and a little help from the shop owner will let you buy the right sized car model for your kid. It’s recommended to buy a bigger version than your child’s age group so that he can use it for some additional years. 

Different Power Wheels Batteries Explained To Use Any 12V Battery In A Power Wheels 

Power wheels have various batteries ranging from 6V to 24V. It depends on the car’s size, the kid’s age groups, and how much faster you want the car to go. The following information will let you have an idea about different batteries and their speeds.

  1. A 6V battery goes as fast as 3 miles per hour; it’s made for small kids who lie in the starting age groups. 
  2. The 12V battery is a decent power that lets the car move at the top speed of 4 miles per hour. These batteries are most suitable for medium-sized cars and give decent moving power to the electric motor. 
  3. The heavy 24V battery is for thrill-seeking kids. They are powerful enough to give the car a top speed of 7 miles per hour and are only recommendable for large cars driven by eight to nine-year-old kids. 

Can You Use Any 12V Battery In Power Wheels

Power wheels mostly use specific batteries, so it’s not possible to place any battery with 12V written on it. The battery health and standard matters a lot while placing it into kids cars. 

Secondly, a 12V battery gives a limiter top speed to the toy car. You can say it is a decent battery to keep the kid at a safe speed, but older kids might find it boring and feel the car under power. However, you can use a specified 12V battery in any power wheel. 


Power wheels are amazing kids toy cars. After reading all the details, you must have an idea of what to consider and how much power different batteries provide to these power wheels. Now it’s up to you how fast you want the car to go. A 12V battery is enough for medium and large-sized cars, and that’s why it’s in demand for electric toy cars.

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