Best Ride On Cars for 1 Year Old




Best Ride On Cars for 1 Year Old

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Kids have the most fascination with cars. There is no better option than a nice car, especially to give a happy moment to 1 year old children. If you are looking for the best ride on cars for 1 year old then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss in detail some of the great toy cars that will help you find the best one for your child.

For 1 year olds, simple but attractive types of cars are best. Because they will spend beautiful moments with the car, not do any showoff. So go with simple cars instead of cars with more features. However, they destroy these cars very quickly as they are busy with cars for a long time. In the following part of the article, we will give you detailed information, pros, and cons of some of the latest and best ride on cars for 1 year old that will give you an idea to buy the right car for your child. So keep reading.

Best Ride On Cars for 1 Year Old

Some of the best ride on cars for 1 year old are as follows:

Little People Music Parade Ride On, Purple

If your toddler can’t walk yet, the Little People Music Parade ride-on car will be perfect. As your toddler learns to sit down, he will be able to explore a variety of music, the sound of musical instruments, and car noises. When your child learns to walk, they can push the car and travel around the room. Once they are ready for the ride, they will be able to roll the car inside the house

Music is something that gives kids the most excitement. This car comes with 5 different sounds to make your child’s riding fun. These songs are most popular for children. This car has a switch to play these songs and has 5 different notes from keywords to change the songs. Additionally, this music parade toy car makes a trumpet and drum sound which is very pleasing to children.


  • So much music for so much fun.
  • Touch keyboard system to hear any of the 5 marching music.
  • Kids set their own tune by pressing the musical instrument.
  • No assembly is required.


  • No volume control that is annoying.

Costzon Kids Push and Ride Racer

This toy version Mercedes Benz car can comfortably seat 1 year old children. Now you might be wondering why this car is so great. The seat of this car is so wide that there will be enough space even after a child is seated. Plus your kid will play with a realistic dashboard. This car is made with non-toxic and odorless PP material which ensures great safety.

Its metal frame is very sturdy which is suitable for long-term use. Moreover, it is capable of carrying a 55lbs weight load without any collapse. Even the car’s anti-fall board can protect it from overturning. It has a separate horn and music buttons for a realistic driving experience. The music and horn buttons are attached to the steering wheel. There is no doubt that the music in the car will make the children happy the most.

However, the wheels of this car are non-slip and wear-resistant. As a result, the car can run smoothly for a variety of flat surfaces and gives kids a sense of their own adventure. You might not believe that this car has hidden storage that is located under the seat. In this storage compartment, children can keep their toys, storybooks, snacks, and other small items.


  • A spacious seat that is perfect for kids to sit on.
  • Steering wheel with separate buttons for music and horn.
  • Hidden storage to keep toy items.
  • Comes with a comfortable and portable design.


  • If any parts are missing, it will be a hassle to get customer service.

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Stride-to-Ride Puppy

If you want to buy a toy car for your child for the first time, you can choose this car. Because Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Stride-to-Ride Puppy is perfect for starters. Recommending its name, its look will make children laugh and be very happy. Kids can drive this car in two ways. The first is to bring the car under control through rounds. All they have to do is fold the seat up and use the handle as a walker. The second is to fold the seat down as a riding toy.

This car can be practiced from the age of 9 months. This puppy does fun tricks whenever it moves. Especially its ear, head wiggle, nose, and collar lights make kids more fun. Even its face moves back and forth which really excites the kids. This car has 3 buttons which indicate ABC mode, 123 modes, and music mode. Finally, if you want to teach your 1 year old child the basics of driving, this puppy car might be the best.


  • Wide wheels for sturdy support.
  • Convertible from walker to ride-on mode.
  • More than 50 learning and tunes are available.
  • Funny puppy face car that makes kids ride interesting.


  • Plastic wheels that are not suitable for outside rides.
  • Volume of the music is not adjustable.

How to Choose a Ride-On Car for 1 Year Olds?

There are some important things to keep in mind as a parent when buying a toy car for kids. First, prioritize the quality of the car as the kids will be involved with it most of the time. So choose a non-toxic and odorless plastic base car.

Second, adjust the size of the car with your child. Because not all car sizes fit the body of all children. So go with the wide seat and steering base. On the other hand, pick a car that has durable wheels. Because the wheel of the car is not good then after some time, it may get damaged. As a result, your child may be deprived of the joy of the ride


As a parent, everyone wants their child to be cheerful and active. A ride-on car can be one of the best ways to keep kids happy. If your child is 1 year old and is thinking of buying a car for him, you can follow this guide.

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